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  1. Sinapus
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    In response to post #55865861.


    check the empty stall in Bunker hill

    I found one in the stall, but FO4Edit says there should be another in that area. Is it in another stall in that part of Bunker Hill or should I be looking outside the walls? (Noticed X and Y coordinates are off by a few hundred between the two, but not sure how much distance that is in-game or what direction, for that matter. Z-axis is very similar so I'm guessing they're both at the same level.)
    I'll probably only grab one, but I'm insanely curious and don't want to toggle clipping or similar to check in-between walls and such.
  2. jjbitburger
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    I love this shotgun. Replaced all the vanilla ones with it. One quick question tough (because i by myself am not confident in making it):
    Would it be possible to make an optional addon for the visible weapons mod?
    That would be basically a model of the weapon holstered in slots that are not used by the vanilla game (on back / front / side etc.)
    So that you could holster the weapon and when you draw the shotgun the model disappears (the mod for that exists, but there is no addon for the caravan shotgun yet, so i am asking here ;)


    1. grzes848909
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      Yeah, a lot of us here would love that
  3. PapaHola
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    When reloading, the two shells that are supposed to be in the weapon, stay floating in thin air for some reason.
  4. Midnight0119
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    can anyone help me? whenever i go into 3rd person the weapon gets all sorts of messed up and glitches out but in first person its just fine it does the same thing for npcs or companions....
    1. roywester1990
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      yeah same here
  5. DragonBoi1234
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    can you add a mod for it to fire slug ammo and other kinds
  6. ITzzPixxelHere
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    now all we need is a unique one hidden somewhere called "Sturdy Caravan Shotgun" like the shotgun you get with the Courier's Stash DLC in Fallout New Vegas
  7. StarFury2
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    Thanks for making this great mod DeadPool! I love playing with this rifle.
    If you plan any future releases, a suggestion would be to make something like a "glowed sights" modification possible, as sometimes it's a bit hard to see the tiny red dot (when using long barrel and larger FOV setting).
    1. omglol200
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      It's a shotgun, what range are you using the gun at lol you should be able to point fire it.
  8. flyboy420
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    any chance of this becoming a Double Barreled Shotgun Replacer?
  9. MrSnekilstien2
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    Spawn Command?
  10. Skyrilla
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    Please fix the listing for AWKCR as it is listed as a rifle and not a shotgun and is also missing the standard 12ga tag.