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Trudy or Wolfgang, at the Drumlin Diner, sells tasty Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Milkshakes, French fries and Tacos. She has in her stock the all fixins' you need to build your own burger. If you get stuck far away from Drumlin Diner, you may gather or make all the fixins' at a cooking station.

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FIRST OF ALL: My appologies, Several weeks ago, I uploaded a broken version of this mod.  VerbaniumShield brought an issue into the light which did not show it's self on my computer.  The issue has been fixed and I hope you have a better experience now.
     The issue was that Trudy / Wolfgang (depending on your affiliation) would not have my items in their inventory.

Please go to some place close to the Drumlin Diner, make a save, close the game.  Remove the previous version, restart the game make a new save. move about for a few feet, make another save, exit the game and install this new version, make a final save and go to Trudy or Wolfgang and they should now have the items.  UN-fortunately any items from the mod you had will dissapear.

Buy delicious (almost as good as JIB) Burgers and Tacos from Trudy at the Drumlin Diner.

The mod lets you make the condiment, the burger meat and all the fixings'.  The recipes, ingredients and such can be bought from Trudy or Wolfgang.  These items can be made at any cooking station you find along the way.   This is still a WIP so if you run across any issues, please let me know. 

You can now fill your tummy with delicious rad free food, specially prepared by RetroDaddy Foods Inc.

Trudy and Wolfgang are the sole retailers for these delicious food products brought back to the Commonwealth for your dinning pleasure.

Known issues: There are some images that may not be the best representation for the Burgers and some items at the moment.

I want to thank LlamaRCA for her wonderful follower, Heather at: