About this mod

If you tired of the standart view of Pip-Boy, this mod for you!
70 new paint of Pip-Boy, will be made available through this file.

Permissions and credits
If you tired of the standart view of Pip-Boy, this mod for you!
With this mod on the workbench you can make more than 70 variants of Pip-Boy's paint. Amoung which: colorized, camo, metal, wooden, marble, pattern variants.
All mod really react for lighting: raflect, shine.

All Pip-Boy paint can be created on armor workbranch. For created you need: oil (for colorized), metal (steel, aluminium, gold, silver) and screw (for metalized), leather, adhesive, nuclear material (for other paint).
Recommended Fallout 4 version - 1.10+

All skin list:
(The numbers in brackets indicate the version of the mod)

Acid Orange Acid Red Black Blue Brown Dark Green Dark Gray Green Bubble Gum Green Khaki (1.2) Light Blue Light Gray Orange Pink Red Violet White Yellow
(font color does not accurately display real colors of Pip-Boy skins)

Autumn, Blue, Chinese, City, Desert, Flora, Jungle, Mauntain Desert, Reedy, Winter, Wood

Aluminium, Bronze (1.1), Golden, Copper (1.3 UPD), Galvanized (1.3 UPD), Very Rust, Rust, Weld Rust, Silver, Steel, Titanium (1.1), Uranium (1.1 ADD, 1.2 UPD), Paisley Steel (1.2), Pattern Steel (1.2)

Wooden (Simple), Black Wooden, Red Wooden

Black Marble, Pink Marble, White Marble

Operator's Gang, Knitted Multicolor (1.3, added red, green, gray, brown, yellow, cyan, pink and violet variants), Snake Skin (1.3 UPD), Leopard, Glow Ghoul, Gzhel (Russian Folk), Khokhloma (Russian Folk), Paisley Black'n'White (1.1), Paisley Black'n'Gold (1.1), Paisley Blue (1.1), Paisley Red'n'Gold (1.1), Blue Lightning (1.1), Snow (1.1)

Conflict and Compatibility

This mod full compatible with Pip-Boy skins from Creation Club and other Pip-Boy skins, which can be created on armor workbranch.
Maybe problems: using with ENB and mods, which changed original shaders - Possible problems with light effects (reflection, mirrors and more)
Pip-Boy Skin Pack don't working with Pip-Boy Customisation Framework (how and other many Pip-Boy skins )
With mod EnhancedLightsandFX - full compatible. With ENBSeries and ReShade - depending on the settings, maybe some passible.