Fallout 4
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This mod adds 1000 workshop NPCs (500 male, 500 female). Because each has a unique reference ID, this allows you to modify each of them with the looks menu to customize them to your tastes unlike regular random settlers. There is a Far Harbor version adding another 200 NPCs (100 male, 100 female). ESL Available!

Permissions and credits
This mod adds 1000 workshop NPCs (500 male, 500 female).  There is a Far Harbor version adding another 200 NPCs (100 male, 100 female).  Because each has a unique reference ID, this allows you to modify each of them with the looks menu to customize them to your tastes unlike regular random settlers.  They are protected (only you can kill them), can be fully commanded, and use the same workshop script as regular settlers.  As such, they should function in every way like regular settlers, except that you can customize them!

Use ESP version if you don't know what ESL is or how to use it.

Install only one of the main files.  There is an ESP and ESL version for each no-DLC and Far Harbor versions.  ESP is the normal version and works like all the mods you're used to installing.  The ESL version is the new 'light archive' file type and doesn't count against the 255 ESP file limit.  Use ESL if you have tons of mods and know what you're doing, otherwise, use the ESP version and save yourself trouble.  For ESL, you'll need NMM 63.17 to use ESL files without manually editing the plugins.txt file.  That version of NMM has issues, which is why it hasn't been rolled out yet.


Newly added to Version 1.2
-'Ghoul' entries have been changed to race ghoul to fix issues with heads vanishing. 
WARNING:  If you've already placed human NPCs with the ghoul voice set, they will turn into ghouls when you update.  If you don't want them to be ghouls,  then you'll have to remake them as humans.  You will want to save presets for those NPCs.  Spawn a non-ghoul version to replace them and manually switch the voice to ghoul.
NOTE: I do not know how to reattach heads.  This seems to be an issue with the race of the head not change when you use the console command to change races.  It turns out that ghouls have special meshes for their heads, not just deformed human heads, even though human heads are easily made to look like ghouls. 


Newly added to Version 1.1, Far Harbor 'Maine' voices!
-Added 200 more unique settlers representing the Maine accent voice sets
-Far Harbor version is a separate download, so you if you don't have Far Harbor, there is still a file for you


New with Version 1.1
-Added 800 more unique settlers representing different voice sets
-Fixed issue with settlers not being very talkative (no passing banter, no shop talk)
-Added ESL version. 



To use these settlers, you'll have to spawn them via the console.  

To get a list of spawnable IDs in game, use these commands (note far harbor voices only available in far harbor versions);

help "Unique Settler M Normal" 4
help "Unique Settler F Normal" 4
help "Unique Settler M Boston" 4
help "Unique Settler M Ghoul" 4
help "Unique Settler M Rough" 4
help "Unique Settler M Old" 4
help "Unique Settler F Boston" 4
help "Unique Settler F Ghoul" 4
help "Unique Settler F Rough" 4
help "Unique Settler F Old" 4
help "Unique Settler M Far" 4
help "Unique Settler F Far" 4

M is male.  F is female.  The last part designates the assigned voice.
You'll need to run one of those help commands to get the mod's ID (first two digits)

From there, you'll need to spawn one, example;

player.placeatme xx000FFD 1  (where xx is the mod's ID)

There are 1000 currently with ID ranging (note far harbor voices only available in far harbor versions);


xx000F99 to xx000FFC    Male w/ Eventone 'Normal' Voice
xx000FFD to xx001060    Female w/ Eventone 'Normal' Voice
xx001061 to xx0010C4    Male w/ Boston Voice
xx0010C5 to xx001128    Male Ghoul (Race is ghoul! voice is ghoul!)
xx001129 to xx00118C    Male w/ Rough Voice
xx00118D to xx0011F0    Male w/ Old Voice
xx0011F1 to xx001254    Female w/ Boston Voice
xx001255 to xx0012B8    Female Ghoul (Race is ghoul! voice is ghoul!)
xx0012B9 to xx00131C    Female w/ Rough Voice
xx00131D to xx001380    Female w/ Old Voice
xx001381 to xx0013E4    Male w/ Maine (Far Harbor) Voice
xx0013E5 to xx001448    Female w/ Maine (Far Harbor) Voice

xx000A00 to xx000A63    Male w/ Eventone Voice
xx000A64 to xx000AC7    Female w/ Eventone Voice
xx000AC8 to xx000B2B    Male w/ Boston Voice
xx000B2C to xx000B8F    Male Ghoul (Race is ghoul! voice is ghoul!)
xx000B90 to xx000BF3    Male w/ Rough Voice
xx000BF4 to xx000C57    Male w/ Old Voice
xx000C58 to xx000CBB    Female w/ Boston Voice
xx000CBC to xx000D1F    Female Ghoul (Race is ghoul! voice is ghoul!)
xx000D20 to xx000D83    Female w/ Rough Voice
xx000D84 to xx000DE7    Female w/ Old Voice
xx000DE8 to xx000E4B    Male w/ Maine (Far Harbor) Voice
xx000E4C to xx000EAF    Female w/ Maine (Far Harbor) Voice

Once spawned, you can customize the settler by clicking on it in the console (be careful to have the settler selected with a proper ID showing.  It should start with FF.  Get a good camera view of the NPC and entering these commands;

tai  ('toggle ai' freezes settler in place by stopping the brain)
slm xxxxxxxx  (enter the ID you see in the console after selecting the settler)

Aftwards, free the settler with;

tai (restores settler's brain)

Be sure to go into build mode and send the settler to the settlement!  Settler will not function until assigned a settlement!

All of the customize-able settlers will have a variant of the name "Unique Settler".  There is a great mod 'Rename Anything' that will allow you to change this and name each settler almost anything you want!


If you want the settler to be a ghoul, spawn the settler from either the male or female ghoul entries in the lists above.  If you want to use human hair types, you can transform the ghoul into a human, adjust the hair, then transform back into a ghoul using the setrace commands;

setrace human
setrace ghoul

If you want a human with a ghoul voice or a ghoul with a human voice, see how to do so with the information below.


I was digging through papyrus scripts and had a bit of breakthrough on changing voices in-game.  I found a way to change voices with a console command!  This would negate the need for most of the voice type options I made, but there isn't much point in retroactively removing those.  If you end up using all 100 of a voice type, you can convert another IF it is one of the normal settler voices (excluding Far Harbor voice, as that gets more complicated)

So here it is (select the settler in console first),

cf "ObjectReference.SetOverrideVoiceType" VOICEID

Where VOICEID is the base ID of the voice type.  You can search for those in game like

help "Male" 4 VTYP
help "Female" 4 VTYP

The basic settler voices are

MaleBoston      23323
MaleEvenToned   13AD2
MaleGhoul       l23321
MaleOld         CEAA3
MaleRough       2D
FemaleBoston    23324
FemaleEvenToned 13ADD
FemaleGhoul     23322
FemaleOld       CEAA2
FemaleRough     2E

You could search for a voice specifically like;

help "FemaleBoston" 4 VTYP

An example of changing a settler to that would be (23324 is the VOICEID for FemaleBoston);

cf "ObjectReference.SetOverrideVoiceType" 23324

Note that there are a great many voice types and I doubt any  except those listed above will work for basic settler NPCs.  The reason for that is that the voice type is only half the story.  You also need the right dialogue factions.  For some reason, the game uses factions to determine how and when NPCs talk.  If you want a settler to use the voice of a particular unique NPC, you would also need to figure out what dialogue factions they're in and make sure the the settler NPC is assigned to those factions.  This isn't very useful for settlers in most cases, as the unique voices don't have dialogue lines corresponding to settler behavior, although it should be possible to get basic greetings working with any voice you want if you really want to dig into it. 


  • Sex change in the looks menu does not seem to work with most NPCs and definitely not these.  That's why I made male and female versions.
  • This mod is compatible with everything.  It merely adds 1000 NPCs.  It adds no scripts, edits no cells, or otherwise modifies anything.

Special thanks to Seddon4494 for posting a youtube tutorial on how to make workshop NPCs.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-W4TR8U-YzM


Permissions:  If you want to merge this into a bigger package, modify it for your own mod, or use as part of another mod, you're welcome to do so!  Credit would be nice of course.  If you do something with it, let me know.  I'd love to see it!


Mods used during customization of the settlers in the screenshot (in case anyone is curious)

The female has a CBBE body
wearing Fortaleza Armor on top
beneath that is infiltrator bodysuit
With the stealth retexture
The hair is from

The male ghoul is just wearing a basic greaser outfit and metal armor on arms/legs.
The hair is from