Fallout 4

About this mod

This is a retexture pack in 2K for all base game and DLC Power Armors.

Permissions and credits


This is a texture replacer pack for all Vanilla and DLC Power Armors in 2K using the official HD DLC textures as a base.
I tried my best to stay as close as possible to the original look and feel of the game and simply added as much detail as I could within the constrains of the 2K resolution limitations.
At the moment I have no plans of making a 4K version because there aren't any 4K source files to work with, meaning I would have to either redraw from scratch all textures or resize the existing 2K textures and add details to them (which is what I did for the optional Power Armor Frame textures). I'm personally not a huge fan of resized/overblown textures unless absolutely necessary.
A lot of the detail has been added to the normal maps (the files that handle bumps and the like) , so the amount of detail you see depends on the lighting situation.

Optional Files
I made 2 separate Power Armor frames in 4K resolution because a 2K file is stretched far too much to wrap around the original 3D model resulting in horrendously blurry textures whenever any details are added. The Vanilla texture kinda works fine in 2K because it is a very flat and blurry texture to begin with.
Because of this, I did not include a PA Frame replacer with the main download.

I have also uploaded an optional 4K Raider Power Armor replacer since the official HD DLC did include 4K textures for this armor.

Note that since these are just textures, DLCs are NOT required even though textures for DLC Power Armors are included.

All textures have been optimized and compressed in BC1 format, with each individual 2K file taking 2.66MB (in comparison BC1 1K files take 1.33MB)
4K textures on the other hand take about 10MB each in BC1 format (so the optional Power Armor Frames take 30MB in total since it's 3 separate textures)
My PC previous PC (5 years old i7 4770k and R9 290, 16GB of RAM)) ran the game just as good as it did with vanilla textures (I now have an i5 8600K, nVidia 1080, 16GB DDR4)
I have uploaded both Loose files and BA versions of the mod since that may also help with performance depending on your hardware (for some people BA files load faster and reduce stuttering)

• Loose Files version:
1. Open your Fallout4.ini file found at 'Documents/My Games/Fallout4/Fallout4.ini" with a text editor such as Notepad.
2. Change the line that reads "sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\" to read "sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, textures\"
3. Extract the 7z file to your Fallout4 game directory (ultimately placing a "textures" folder in your already existing Data directory) or import it into your favorite Mods Manager.

• BA version:
1. Simply extract both files from this download into your "Fallout 4\Data" folder and activate the "Power_Armors_Redone.esp" in your Fallout 4 launcher or use your favorite Mod Manager to install.

This is a texture replacer and as such it isn't compatible with other texture replacers that replace the same textures. 
Like any texture replacer however, you can mix and match so if you prefer for example FTO's T-45 textures over mine, just install their textures after mine.

Updates Log

• v1.2 .2
Uploaded uncompressed normal maps for the X-01 Nuka Quantum PA. The original Normal maps in the main file show a lot of banding under certain lighting, the new ones have a smooth gradient and show no banding.
• Also uploaded 2 optional files:
1. A whiter version of the X-01 Institute paint job (mainly removed all yellowing from it) Please check screenshots in the last screenshot page.
2. Muted palette files for the T45, T60 and T51 which make rust less apparent for most bare metal paintjobs.
• v1.2 .1
Institute Helmet fix for the X-01 Power Armor.
Fixes a small but glaring issue that's already in the Vanilla texture where a small dark square can be seen in the X-01 helmet when using the Institute paintjob.
This fix works for both the Loose and BA versions.
Please check the last picture I uploaded for a better understanding of what this fix does.
Thanks to RaserLifle for pointing this out.
• v1.1
Power Armor Frame 4K Dark Steel - 1st person hand fix
I accidentally included the vanilla colored hand with the V1 Power Armor Dark Steel Frame.
I uploaded a small v1.1 update that corrects this error and also uploaded both loose and BA fully updated versions of this retexture. This does not affect the main file since the main file does not include a Power Armor frame retexture.
• v1
Initial release

Feel free to convert and upload these textures for the console versions of the game. 
Also if you are a modder feel free to incorporate my textures into your mod or edit them in whichever way you'd like.
All I ask is for you to me give credit. No need to ask for permission.

Future Plans
I will probably start working on some Robot retextures since other than the Amazing Protectron HD I can't really find any texture replacements for the Robots.

Other Info
Please note most of the screenshots (including comparisons) were taken with my previous 5 years old computer when I first uploaded the mod. Some settings (like HBAO and shadow resolution) were not set too high and as such don't look as good.
I uploaded a bunch of newer screenshots with and ENB ( Film Workshop) enabled.

My Mods
Make sure to check out my other retextures for other mods in the same style as Power Armors Redone.

Thanks to everyone downloading and endorsing for getting this to the front page and hot mods section!