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This mod enables LooksMenu BodyGen for some selected mods and official content that adds human/ghoul female NPCs.

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This mod enables LooksMenu BodyGen for some selected mods and official content that adds human/ghoul female NPCs. They will appear in the game world having chosen randomly from the different CBBE presets: Curvy, Slim, Petite, Chubby and Athletic. These body morphs will be persistent across saved games, being saved in the F4SE co-save file.

Read the comments for some very insightful information regarding this mod and BodyGen.

Now comes in Two Three Flavors!: Regular amount of variation, a version with More Accents that has a little more body variation than the normal version (not thoroughly tested yet, let me know if you see any Minaj butts or 80's Madonna bewbz), and Extreme Variation that will make your NPCs have extreme variation of body parts.

The following mods are supported but not required (except Fallout4.esm of course):

FO4 NPCs Travel.esp
Unique NPCs.esp

  • It is required to batch build all bodies and outfits in BodySlide using the 'CBBE Zeroed Slider' set and ticking the 'Build Morphs' checkbox to build the needed TRI files in order to allow BodyGen to work properly, see below for a guide to do this. -Thanks Sorana!

  • It does not matter if you do not have one or more of the above-listed mods, it will still work as long as you have at least Fallout 4 base game + requirements.

  • Let me know if you use a mod that adds female NPCs that you would like to have BodyGen added to, it's very easy.

  • If you would like to share other presets you have created, I'd be more than happy to host them here in a central location.

Required Mods:

How to do the required BodySlide stuff:
1 - Open BodySlide
2 - Select "CBBE Zeroed Sliders" from the drop-down 'Preset' menu at top of window.
3 - Place a checkmark in "Build Morphs" at bottom-left of window.
4 - Click "Batch Build..." at bottom-left of window.
5 - Ensure all items are selected in the new window then click "Build".
6 - Choose which CBBE body you use in the next window then click "Ok".

The .INI files contents:

Thanks to expired6978 for creating LooksMenu and BodyGen functionality and for posting starter templates and morphs ini files to begin the adventure.
Thanks to Sorana for providing help, tips, advice and kindly posting more templates for even more variation on bodies!
Thanks to MiriamGarrity for posting a modified python script and batch file to ease the creation of more variation.
Thanks to fakeaccount20176 for posting some more templates.

Please feel free to add non-adult images/videos of the npc's!