Fallout 4
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Complete Vanilla Rebuild of the Castle to include Walls, Landscape, Armory and Entry point. No more lose blocks sticking out of repaired walls..Rubble piles removed..New entry point. Start with a new or current game.100% game and story line compatible

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I apologize to anyone waiting on an update, I had basically abandoned this mod and have been very busy on another large project. But here it is,Ver 3. I had 3 major complaints/suggestions and I addressed all 3 with this update.
1. Brush/Brambles in court yard ..Gone
2. Crows nests could not be scrapped..Now Scrap-able
3.Clipping items.. All Castle floors made stack-able, this should take care of that for the ones that had this issue..

Thanks and I hope you enjoy

Castle Walls Repaired: Ultimate Vanilla Edition: 
Complete Vanilla Rebuild of the Castle to include Walls, Landscape, Armory and Entry point.
No more lose blocks sticking out of repaired walls..
Rubble piles removed..
New entry point
Start with a new or current game.

100% game and story line compatible, Taking Independence and Big Guns quests work as intended.
Entire area is re-navmeshed, all NPC’s to include creatures travel and roam area as intended ,no settlers trying to walk through walls, falling through floors etc.

Compatibility: No known mod conflicts, with that said,running this mod in conjunction with another Castle mod may have strange
effects or conflicts.


New Game:No known bugs when starting a new game.

Existing Game:
Due to certain game mechanics the following Minor issues may be present.
* If running on existing play through , ie you have previously loaded the Castle cell:, Original player and caravan spawn point may remain in place(not in new entry) this means you need to keep a walkway open for free movement (see pic).

*The navmesh may be low in some areas. 
 NOTE/FIX : If you're using Scrap Everything by shadowslasher410, there is a patch that fixes items sinking into the ground in places that have cement flooring.
*Building Placement Fix

*Some items will not be placed correctly on shelves and some armory objects
will not have transferred to new armory area..

Warning: As a mod user (before CK) I found it frustrating when some walls,items etc. were not scrap-able and I was not afforded the chance to try an idea out, with that said I left much of this mod scrap-able, so scrap at your own risk, I would personally move pieces out of the way before I scrapped to see if what I wanted to achieve was possible before I scrapped.. 

Installation: Install with NMM 

Manuel Installation: Place esp in Data folder 

Load Order: Place at end of load order above scrapping mods

XBOX1  https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4042785

Alternate ver 1.1 has been posted under Optional File...
Includes a front door on the main entrance
Road extended to diner ruins
Dirt mound in S.wall as well as conc. floor corner sticking out of S wall removed
Scrap-able crows nest added to N wall 
Armor Smith room,the armor wb moved to the room w/stairs leading to main entrance wall as well as a few other improvements to that structure.
Many other minor improvements

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I would like to give a special thanks to DeathLeopards for his patience and always being there with a helping hand, Please do yourself a favor and check out the project he and his colleagues are putting together...