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Do you like the og Home Plate in DC? Well... I don't, so I've decided to change it!

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This mod basically changes the shape of the Home Plate. The amount of angels and walls in there is super annoying (at least for me), so I've got rid of some of them. I had to recreate the walls and roof because they made it so they're one entity (ugh). I used the og Home Plate textures and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. :D It will conflict with other mods that change the Home Plate Other mods shouldn't change anything, because I built my version next to the old Home Plate


  • New Home Plate Shape
  • Higher roof (a tiny bit)
  • Basement

Things I might do in the future:

  • Add different styles
  • Remake the upper floors
  • Bigger basement


  • Spawn points in the middle of the rooms
  • Not really a bug but you can't delete walls or floor
  • I don't have the game in my steam folder so you might need to place it manually

It's lore friendly I guess :/