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A medium sized player home that is move-in-ready and can be edited with Workshop

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**As of 2020 This Mod has Major FPS and Flicking Issues and ISN'T getting updated. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK...

*Notice, this is my first player home so there might be issues, please report any bugs you find.
Requires ALL DLC!
2 Years since Release, you should have them!

Partway Bunker - Player Home Mod
This Player Home is a Move-in-Ready player home, located to the west of Natic Banks at the power sub station (You'll need to find a key nearby first). It has workbenches for weapons, armor, chems, cooking, and power armor already placed and all connected. This Home also comes with a working fridge (for all your ice cold drink needs),a surgery and barber chair (Surgery one is in the bathroom, barber is in the player bedroom), and a hydroponics planter to harvest plants. With this home you will have a workbench for both levels to allow you to place down any objects or workbenches you need or want.

Home Features:
Main Floor:
-Workshop with crafting benches and storage
-personal terminal (with some back story about the previous residents)
-Kitchen with stove and working fridge
-Hydroponics planter with harvest-able plants
-Bathroom w/ surgery chair
-Player Bedroom w/ barber chair

Sub Level:
-Workshop and space to build if need be
-2 Passages to both Far Harbor and Nuka World

*Note: the 2 passages were created to allow you to use the bunker a your main home without having to travel via the vanilla way, However, do not use these until after you've done the introductory quests for both areas. These passes entrances are locked from the outside so you can explore the transition cells created, but you will not be able to enter Far Harbor or Nuka world world spaces.  

Recommended Mod-
Natick Power Substation player settlement

Big Thanks to 
Queenie's Resources
For the assets
Recipe Container
For scripting the fridge
Please go to their mod pages and endorse or check out their mods!

This mod seems familiar?
This player home is based of the concept of one of my favorite player homes for FNV TTW : https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/50010/?
Plans for Updates?
Yes, especially if I can figure out how to do functioning interior settlements so you can send your companions to this home, as well as some tweaks and new decor
Add ___ this or ___ this? 
Post a comment and I'll look into it
*FAQ will be updated frequently

*Nuka Cola bottle model isn't part of the mod, you can find the model replacer here

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