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Just some resources I put together for my mods. I thought I'd upload them.

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Queenie's Resources

These are just some of the resources I made for my own mods, but I'll share them with y'all anyway. I've decided to take a little break from Fallout 4 and making mods for it (just for a little while, mind you) and these will be my going away present, I guess. I'll probably add to this over time when I decide to make some more.

|| What's Included, Luna? ||

These are just random things I put together, but I'll add to this page over time, hopefully. :D

|| Included In Part 1 ||

Armour Workbench
Chemistry Station
Weapons Workbench
Two small, brown sofas (One with a cushion and one without)
Two beds (One with a frame and one without)
Two wardrobes/clothing racks
Two coffee tables
Lots of potted plants
Picture frames which use the comics in-game
A rack of hanging picture frames
A box of random stuff
And a little mini TV

|| Included In Part 2 ||

Ammo Box
Another Armour Workbench
A Pair of Boots (Static)
Carpet (Red)
Curtains (Blue)
Patio Table Without Parasol
Framed Cross-stitches!
Framed Black and White Photographs of a City
Three shelves (Two Floor and One Wall-mounted)
Hanging Vault Suit
Wall Lamp
Vase Retexture (Material File For Material Swap Included)
Kitchen Chair Retexture (Material File For Material Swap Included)

|| Credits ||

Textures.com for some of their textures
Pexels.com for some cityscape photos
Font Squirrel for the Costura font
Ousnius for Outfit Studio
Jokerine for giving me the idea for the mini TV ;)
Special thanks to kingtobbe for suggesting that I upload these. : D

|| Answers To Questions I Assume I'll Get ||

Sorry everyone, no FAQ today.