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  1. Drakous
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    Would love to see this expanded upon or finished by someone, that, and parts able to be used on Automatron companions too, would be amazing. Still, despite the "where my weapons go?!" bug and the "no damage taken" bug and the camera issues, it's fun when it works. Funny seeing a dog riding a behemoth xD.
  2. Kilroy5150
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    It's a good "unfinished" mod. I'm guessing that, whoever wrote it, just got tired of modding (and Fallout 4) and moved on to other things. I suppose someone could retro-engineer the mod and create a new mod (considering the author doesn't seem to care one way or another) and create an "improved" version of it.

    You know, i have YET to see the bot that transforms into a vehicle that the photo seems to emphasize on the preview. It doesn't claim it directly but it gives you the idea that it's either rideable in robot form or it becomes a vehicle that you can ride but i think that was a "future" thing that never happened. Still, those mods exist now (and the animation could be made) as well as the AI follower mods existing.

    Technically, someone could make a "transforming" follower. It will be a heck of a mod but totally worth a top ten list.
  3. XannahDeux
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    I'd Love to work on it, but I'm too busy.. (Maybe someone else?)
    Good start, Gou813.. Thx!
  4. 97Steel
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    I have f4se installed but the mod does not detect it. Help me :/
  5. tesnitrojack
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    I have only ever had one issue with this mod. After a while NPCs who are supposed to be piloting the bots just get out and stand in front of them. If they are enemies they remain hostile but do nothing even when shot at.
    Anyone else with this issue know of a solution?
  6. xario88
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    nice mod dear! i have only 1 problem the robo dont fire! anithing... any suggest? i have all update i see the report
  7. kiresagara
    • member
    • 225 posts
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    Save your salt, the mod author is gone and cant understand your salt anyways.

    Cool concept, sadly not working. The weapons no longer work, if they worked at all, and the game will eventually crash if you just try to drive it somewhere to customize it.

    If you want a giant mech I would suggest getting an ordinary power armor suit, giving it something like the liberty prime set here from the nexus, and using setscale to make it huge. Otherwise, no other giant mechs, anywhere, sadly.
  8. EAnonymousE
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    I wanted to use this and there isn't any way because it's so broken... or isn't? How can anyone possibly know since none of the bug reports have been addressed. I don't know why the Nexu always attracts the dumbest people possible. In any business if there was a complaint made and the employee responded with 'go kill yourself, I don't care' I have to imagine that they'd be fired and Karma willing become homeless shortly after, but here, if someone issues a complaint about the quality of maintenance concerning a mod and then some jackass tells that person to go burn themselves alive, everyone calls the idiot a hero for making sure that the stupidity of their response continues forever. I didn't use this mod specifically for the reason that it has so many unaddressed bug reports. If it were to be better maintained I would have used it. If you're telling me that mod authors who take any level of pride in their work don't care about the fact that people aren't using their mods because of how it is maintained............ then disregard this, I have nothing else for you. 
  9. EAnonymousE
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    Huge fan of how there are three pages of bug reports that have never been updated. It really makes me wanna install this so I can surely crash the hell out of my game with this poorly constructed mod that clearly overwhelmed the author to the point of where they just abandoned the mod on the Nexus. Well done, quality work. Very pro status... (Sarcasm).
    1. Illtempered
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      It's a free mod that nobody gets paid for. Mod authors have real lives, crashes, moves, many things more important than your entitled ass. f*** off already.
    2. Ethreon
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      "I'm gonna *censored* about something that doesn't affect me for no particular reason"

      Why are you here if this is not something you need?
  10. nekris666
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    its a cool ideia,dont get me wrong but in reality i think we get too op riding a mech around like that and gets boring just being the bulldozer everytime,i think if you guys really want that bad to play with mech then go play mechwarrior online its a great game.