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Finally working faire and explosions!

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I have made this mod to address various things that bug me about fire, explosions and miscellaneous effects in this game.

How bothersome is it that standing on top of fire doesn't hurt NPC's? Apparently Bethesda is totally so cool with that and sticks to this tradition for all its games.

Explosions? Too weak! We fix that here. ALL explosions, grenades, mines get more OOMPH measured in miles per hour.

Finally, the duration that fires will last in the world is increased significantly (30 seconds from initial 6).

Explosion knockdowns (as of v1.1)!

Here's in detail what changed:
  • Damage and force from nuclear explosions (fat-man, sentry, vertibird, random car nukes etc..) has been increased appropriately and disregards LOS. DON'T BE NEAR ONE WHEN IT BLOWS. Their radius is also increased slightly.
  • All nuke lens flare light amount doubled (greater explosion blinding effect)
  • Damage and force from grenades, and mines has been modified according to the type. All, but pulse and cryogenic grenade damage, has been increased.
  • Damage and force from Broadsider, Missile launcher, artillery fire has been also increased
  • All fire in the game generated from an explosion such as a frag grenade, nuke, car, missile, molotovs will now burn the player and all npc's if they venture on top of it
  • All fire explosions, molotovs, artillery fire, nukes etc. now leave behind a residual fire that will last about 1 minute. It is a "working" fire, ie. it will inflict fire damage like any other with this mod. It is just another cool effect of the impact that a bomb would have on the ground.
  • The duration of all fires has been increased and any fire will last approximately 1 minute wherever it is placed (from 8 seconds in vanilla)
  • Flamer's reach has been slightly increased
  • Added impact decals to the flamer for multiple additional surface materials
  • Misc small changes to the explosion stats

v1.1 released!

  • Broadsider overhaul. Broadsider now fires cannonballs that no longer ignore geometry, like walls. Broadsider impacts now closely resemble the ones of the Missile Launcher and an explosion is triggered upon impact (unlike prior which was basically a "mild blow of the wind"). The damage is also increased. Both missile launcher and broadsider type projectiles can penetrate small, or transparent geometry, like leaves, curtains etc. 
  • Again slightly increased radius, force and damage of all explosions. I believe they are almost perfectly balanced now. Only molotov cocktail hasn't been modified 
  • Fix from version 1.0: Explosions triggered on the air will no longer place the fire on the air, but at perpendicular location on the ground (unless the original trigger spot is at very high altitude, which should never happen under normal gameplay) 
  • Added appropriate explosions and residual working fires for multiple other explosion types, such as barrel explosions, gauss, electrical explosions & shocks etc. 
  • Increased stagger amount for all explosions as appropriate. I didn't touch this in version 1.0, but it needed an increase. Results are more realistic now 
  • Explosion Knockdowns! All major explosions, eg. fragmentation, missile, plasma, shock, nuclear etc will knockdown any (still living!) actors. How this wasn't enabled in the base game i don't know.

v1.2 released!

  • Reduced and fixed the force from various explosion types. It was a mess before. Sorry i hadn't addressed that previously
  • Slightly reduced nuclear explosion radius of small vehicles
  • Miscellaneous small changes affecting stability mainly
This version mostly addresses balance issues and fixes.

v1.3 released! (June, 9, 2021) - Current


  • Removed fire hazards from places that don't make much sense, eg after throwing a fragmentation grenade
  • Firing at oil spots will ignite them and the spurting fire will hurt/cause damage to NPCs and the player just like the other fire hazards
  • Flamer fire burns/hurts - Careful, too many fire hazard generators may cause the game to crash

Install with NMM / MO,
or manually 
by extracting the downloadable archive contents and pasting the "data" folder into the main game folder: ~/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Fallout 4

The mod will conflict with any other that changes the attributes of grenades, nukes, mines and the like. 
Note 1: You will experience some FPS decrement if you have spawned many fires at once.
Note 2: There is a hard upper limit placed by the game engine on the total amount of fires rendered at a time. If you surpass that limit (total - max) #amount of fires will simply not be rendered / displayed. Oldest fires will be the ones hidden first (FIFO fashion).

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website: www.keyc0de.com

Bethesda Game Studios for Fallout 4
Adobe Photoshop for the graphic