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Three Settlement Combo, in vein of Us against Mutants.

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Construction Settlement is the first, and smallest, of the three 'Meet The Mutants, Beat The Mutants, & Then Steal The Mutants' Settlements' -MODs that I've made. I added a small pond, since I think that there should be easily reachable water source for settlements.

Second one is Mutant Tower Settlement,and as the name implies, it's a highrise tower filled with mutants. I added some floors under the actual floors on few floors *grins* to make it easier to build. 

Third, and biggest and most certainly the highest, is Trinity Tower Settlement. Here I also added some water for easy use.


Installing each of these mods couldn't be any simpler: just copy the *.esp file(s) from where you unzipped them into your Fallout4/Data -folder!

These MODs are totally vanilla, so only Fallout 4 is needed. 

As of now, these MODs work ok on my PC, but I have not tested them on other PC's. This means that you might find bugs. Please inform me of those, and I'll do my best to fix them!

NOTICE: I hate making borders, so none of my settlements have them. If this is a deal breaker for you, then maybe you want to  make those borders?

Ps. I just mention something you all already know: There is no MUST to install all 3 settlements. You can install any combination of only two, or even select just one of them to use. 

Happy gaming!