Fallout 4
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Improved Version of the Creation Club Armor
Needs Creation Club Version (obviously)

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Similar to this Version by CaptainNoob6, i didn't like his changes to the armor zones (and that for some reason the armor values were all in the head slot).
I am uploading two versions, Basic and Enhanced

With the recent addition of Fallout 76, all versions will have +1000 Rad Resist
+62 Energy resistance
+Muffled Capability
+Ballistic Weave Slot
+Legendary Modification Slot

All above
+Better Stealth Field (original 50 - modded 99, on par with Stealth Boy)
+20% Speed while Sneaking
+No Stamina drain while moving

As per request, the Enhanced version without the Speed multiplier

Installation notes:
Whenever the mod is installed or uninstalled, make sure the Chinese Stealth Armor is not equipped and (just in case) you are standing and not crouching.
All Files are now ESL flagged