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Enhanced Prydwen Overhaul 2.0 is my attempt to fix and add stuff to the Original Mod by TheFinalRender

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Original Description : -------------------
This mod attempts to expand on what little the Prydwen has in order to make it a much more viable and 
believable base of operations for the Brotherhood of Steel. This 
includes expanded diner,Buildable Living Quarters, clinic, workshop, weapon shop and soldier accommodation (which the prydwen has none of). 

Original Description End-------------------

ALL DLCs are needed !

Well i really liked the design of the Mod but soon i discovered some things that i believe that needed to be fixed.
Along the way i also had the idea to add / alter some content to this mod, and this is what came out.
Link to Original Mod Enhanced Prydwen Overhaul by TheFinalRender 

Please watch TheFinalRender´s Videos if you want to know what this mod has to offer to begin with.

I also highly recommend the mod Ad Victoriam. A Brotherhood of Steel Overhaul. by Sinlessorrow
makes the BOS a real military faction to be recond with. (Or just install the textures like i did).
The screenshots where made with this mod installed, so keep in mind that the prydwens look differ from install to install.

If you already using the original mod - heres the difference in a short list.

Fixed various visibility glitches.
Navmesh fixed at various places inside the Prydwen.
Removed all changes to Danses Quarters. (So it is compatible to Faction Overhaul by Elianora)
Removed half of the Showers and placed the Robobench there instead.
Removed the "Tornado" inside quilans office.
Small living quarters at the Command Deck added. (Various Workbenches, a Bed and a Sink).
Command Deck has various Power Armor Stations which are all occupied. (One is left free to be used by the Player)
New Power Armors at the Command Deck are all owned by the BOS. (Stealable Elder T60 Suit)
New Chillout Area "Ten forward". Acces near the sportsarea at the Main Deck. (The area is full navmeshed it just lacks random npc for now) 

Please watch TheFinalRender´s Videos and endorse also the original mod if liked.

Update 1.2 ----------------------------------------

Please Install 1.1 First and then install the update 1.2 and let it overwrite.

Fixed The New Chem Station at the Command Deck. (Now Usable)
Added small exterior light for the New Windows at the Command Deck.
Expanded Sandbox Area for the Command Deck with 1 new Marker and 1 new Generic BOS NPC at the Command Deck.
Floating Ten Forward Coffe Drink marker fixed.
New Markers at Ten Forward.
New Generic BOS NPCs at Ten Forward.

Update 1.4 ----------------------------------------
No Real Changes except that all trash and debris on the Prydwens Interior should be removed.

Update 2.0 ----------------------------------------
NEW Area "Prydwen Top Deck" with a Workbench added.
Various tweaks to existing Areas.

Update 2.1 ----------------------------------------
Bugfixes for "Top Deck" Area and there Workshop.

Update 2.2 ----------------------------------------
Missing mesh added. All files in single archiv. Please sea sticky post.