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A facial preset for my current character.

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Looking through character presets, I often see female face presets that are too exaggerated or too masculine. This isn't a bad thing, but it isn't my cup of tea, and I'd assume the same for some other players.

I made this character with the vision of having a feminine, but not exaggerated, face. I tried to keep her proportions as realistic as possible while still keeping her attractive, like she is someone you could probably see in real life. Her nose isn't too small, her eyes aren't too big, her lips aren't too thick. I tried to keep everything "just right".

I'm sure there are flaws that I've missed, but hopefully it will at least be a decent base for other players who choose to use it. I sincerely hope you enjoy her appearance, and I would LOVE to see any changes you make to her, whether you rough her up or beautify her further. Add them to the Images tab!

Recommend using Female Neck Tweaks. I used the "Experimental Smoother Face" version in the screenshots.
The little bit you see of her shirt is from 1950's Feminine Outfits (Vanilla - EVB - CBBE). I am very happy with it.
The original version uses the Yennefer Hair (lighter version), and version 2 uses the more-easy-to-get Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar.
Her face textures are from Real HD Face Textures 2k, and the eyes are Vivid Eyes.
It isn't shown at all, and I don't think it's necessary, but I also use BodySlide and Outfit Studio.
For the eyes, I also use Eye Normal Map Fix Fallout 4 Edition.

Version 2 is slightly different from the original besides the hairstyle. She should have mild freckles and slightly tweaked eyes. She also uses The Eye of Beauty Fallout Edition instead of Vivid Eyes. I mainly switched for the eyelashes.

If something goes wrong at all (and I don't know why it would but I'm sure something will knowing my luck), please inform me. Also, if I've gotten something wrong here in the description or I'm just missing something stupid, tell me. I have no idea what I'm doing.

"What is that little speck on the corner of her mouth?"
I have no clue, and unfortunately I have no idea how to fix it or what it's even from. Sorry if it's too bothersome for you, I wish I could fix it.

"Can you upload this to Bethesda.net for consoles?"
After fiddling and Googling for a good 30 minutes, I have no idea what any of Creation Kit does and I'm clueless on how to even begin here. If someone would like to offer to do this, by all means, go right ahead. I am not an experienced modder, even uploading this simple preset for the Nexus took a good 20 minutes of just googling on what to do. I apologize.

This is my first upload so I'm a little confused by all the options on the form. Sorry if I get something wrong.
And thanks to everyone in the comments for the lovely compliments!