About this mod

Adds special abilities and some other stuffs to Companions.
Focused on emphasize their individuality.

Permissions and credits

Adds special abilities and some other stuffs to Companions.
Focused on emphasize their individuality.

・Requires AutomatronFar Harbor, and Nuka World.
・It requires neither F4SE nor other mods/resourses. This mod is fully stand-alone.
・No conflict with face replacers. (This mod isn't a face replacer)
・You don't need to start new game. (You can always install or uninstall it)

TL;DR (v2.4)

MacCready: Sniper. [Stealth]
X6-88: Calls Synths.
Preston: Adds a minuteman follower. Abilities depend on the number of settlements.
Longfellow: Adds a dog follower. Good against sea creatures.
Gage: Abilities depend on gangs you chose. Smart Grenade. 
Hancock: Good Damage-Dealer when under chem effect.
Danse: Abilities depend on Power Armor modules. Small Missile Launcher.
Strong: Tank. Becomes a giant.
Cait: Melee Duel one-trick pony. [Stealth]
Curie: Medic. Syringer Pistol.
Dogmeat: Detects life and corpses. [Stealth]
Piper: Incites Human enemies. [Stealth]
Deacon: Disguise, Assassination. [Stealth]
Nick: Hacks machines. EMP-Grenade. [Stealth]
Ada: More junks.
Codsworth: No radiation from eating or drinking. More purified waters.


・Adds "Companion Command Device (CCD)" in your inventory. Also you can craft it at chem station. You can activate some companion's ability by just aiming at the target. This is core item of this mod. (See Image)
・Adds "Rules of Engagement: Don't use Unique Weapons". You can craft it at chemistry station. If you put it into a companion's inventory, the companion doesn't use their unique weapon that added by this mod. In this case, Curie's laser rifle, Piper's 10mm pistol, And Deacon's hunting rifle are back.
・Adds "Rules of Engagement: Only use Unique Weapons". You can craft it at chemistry station.  If you put it into a companion's inventory, the companion uses only their unique weapon(e.g. Curie's Syringer Pistol, Piper's 10mm pistol, Strong's minigun). In order to ensure that the companion uses unique weapons, Please take away all weapons from his or her inventory.
・Adds "Order to Dismiss". You can craft it at chemistry station.  If you don't wanna be with Preston's Minuteman or Longfellow's Hound, Put this item into their inventory. They'll stop following and stay where they are.
・Easy to detect while wearing Power Armor.
・No falling damage.

[Unique Ability] "Sharpshooter"
・Great Accuracy with
a scoped semi-auto rifle. When his health is full, it's almost one shot one hit. (a bolt-action rifle is more better)
・He gains +100% stealth attack damage and +100% range with
a scoped semi-auto rifle.
[Misc Abilities]
Lucy's Blessing: After completed his quest, You can craft "Lucy's Soul"(Uses ring slot) at chemistry station. He gains some effects when equipped with it.
    :One Shot One Hit: His shot with a scoped-semi-auto rifle always hits the target, if there is no obstacle between him and the target.
    :Ammo: You'll always find ammo in corpses when you're with him.
    :Stealth: Distant enemies can't detect him.
    :Damage: +20% Damage.
    :Knock Down: 5% chance to knock down the target with scoped semi auto rifle.
    :Stagger: 10% chance to stagger the target with scoped semi auto rifle.
    :Disarm: 15% chance to disarm the target with scoped semi auto rifle.
[Stealth Capability] Tier 2: Almost never detected when not in combat, but not 100% sure.

[Unique Ability] "Courser's Privilege"
・Adds a
Synth Relay Grenade in his inventory. Calls three Gen1 synths per grenade. (See Image)
・Laser-Guided: His attack with Institute Laser Gun causes a Gen2 synth to spawn from target on death. (See Image)
・If you have "Shield Harmonics" Perk, You can craft "Relay Chip" at chemistry station. While he is equipped with it, He can change the synth that is called by "Laser-Guided" ability.
    Synth Pointman:Equipped with a baton. Very aggressive and tough. (See Image)
    Synth Sniper:Equipped with a institute sniper rifle. Great accuracy and stealth capability. (See Image)
    Synth Suicider:Equipped with a mini nuke. It rushes the enemy and detonates itself. (See Image)
    Synth Hologram:Nothing but a hologram. It doesn't physically exist so it'll never fall down. But it does nothing at all. (See Image)
[Misc Abilities]
・He can't be detected while using a Stealth Boy.(Except Railroad Stealth Boy)
[Stealth Capability] Tier 3: Same as vanilla. No changes.

[Unique Ability] "Stand United"
・Adds a
Minuteman soldier who follows Preston. She is Essential. You can change her face via console.
At a Minute's Notice: The Flare Gun's cool-down is reset when you just talk with her.
・When the number of Minutemen owned settlements reached 20, Once a day, She gives you The Minutemen Missile Beacon.
[Misc Abilities]
・As Minutemen Army gets Stronger, His Laser Musket gets Stronger too. When the number of Minutemen owned settlements reached...
 :1: Increases range and accuracy.
 :5: +25% Limb damage.
 :10: Adds Incendiary damage.
 :15: 2x Reload Speed.
 :20: Automatic.
・Every Minutemen Soldier(except The Minuteman follower from above) nearby Preston gains +50% Damage Resistance.
Freedom From Above: When the number of Minutemen owned settlements reached 20, Adds The Minutemen Missile Beacon in his inventory. A missile will land where The beacon was thrown. It only hurts enemies. (Outdoor only)
[Stealth Capability] Tier 3: Same as vanilla. No changes.
FYI: If you would like to know the current number of Minutemen settlements, Open console and type "GetGlobalValue MinutemenOwnedSettlements".

[Unique Ability] "Hunter's Best Friend"
・Adds a
Hound who follows Longfellow. It's Essential and Level sync. He is good against creatures or animals.
[Misc Abilities]
The Way of the Hunter: When you are with him, Creatures or animals that not in combat don't attack you.
・Ignores 25% DR/ER against animals and sea creatures.
・+50% damage with harpoon gun against sea creatures.
・You can craft "Whiskey Captain's Blend" at chemistry station when you are with him. You gain STR+2, INT-2, END+1, CHR-1, LCK+1, and effect that sea creatures are more reluctant to attack for 4 min. It's highly addictive.
・If you have "Far Harbor Survivalist" Perk, He gains 5% Damage Resistance while stand still.
・Adds caltrops. It hurts only enemies.
[Stealth Capability] Tier 3: Same as vanilla. No changes.

[Unique Ability] "Right-Hand Man"
・If you have "
Ace Operator" Perk, He gains good stealth ability and +50% damage with Suppressed weapon. There is a chance of enemies exploding into a shower of caps when you kill them with gun.
・If you have "
Pack Alpha" Perk, He gains +25% damage resistance while equipped with melee weapon. His melee attack causes a Pack Mole Rat to spawn from target on death. (Outdoor only)
・If you have "
Chosen Disciple" Perk, He gains great stealth ability and x10 stealth attack damage and ignore 50% DR/ER with Disciples blade. x2 damage with bladed .44 pistol.
・If you have "
Wasteland Warlord" Perk at rank3, He gains (Luck*0.5)% chance to critical
[Misc Abilities]
・Adds a Smart Frag Grenade in his inventory. It hurts only enemies.
・When you get "Project Cobalt schematics", Replaces his Smart Frag Grenade with Nuka Cherry Grenade. It hurts only enemies.
[Stealth Capability] Tier 3 (Without Perk) Tier 2 (With Operators Perk) Tier 1 (With Disciples Perk)

[Unique Ability] "One Last Trip"
2x chem effect magnitude, -75% chem effect duration. And while under chem effect, he gains all effects below.
+25% damage with shotgun or one-handed melee weapon.
    :Ignores 25% DR/ER with "Junkie's" weapon.
 :No incoming stagger.
 :Blood Loss: While under chem effect, His attack with a shotgun or a one handed melee weapon causes the target's bleed that depends on their current health. (See Image)
[Misc Abilities]
・You can craft "Mentats Ghoul" at chemistry station when you are with him. You gain INT+2, PER+2, CHA+2 for 5min and Rads+30. It's highly addictive.
・Oh I'm Feral Now!: a 15% chance to pacify a feral ghoul that attacks him.
・Commonwealth Drug Lord: You'll always find a chem in a human corpse while you're with him.
・Adds Molotov Cocktail. It hurts only enemies.
・Very aggressive Combat-Style.
[Stealth Capability] Tier 3: Same as vanilla. No changes.
FYI: In vanilla, NPCs don't use some chems (e.g. Jet, Buffout). So I recommend you to give him Psycho or Med-X.

[Unique Ability] "Power Armor Operator"
・He gains some abilities when
equipped with Power-Armor modules.
Recon sensors: Marks a target.
Stealth boy: Increases stealth. (he gains Tier-3 stealth capability)
Sensor array: Increases accuracy.
Internal database: +15% EXP.
Blood cleaner: +50% poison resistance.
VATS matrix overlay: +5% VATS hit chance. (It affects you, not him. Because NPCs never use VATS)
 :Explosive vent: Stagger nearby enemies.
Rusty knuckles: +15% damage resistance, but he uses only fists.
Tesla blacers: Same as above.
Optimized bracers: Same as above.
[Misc Abilities]
・Adds a Small Missile Launcher(Uses grenade slot). It hurts only enemies. The Missile can track a target. (See Image)
・+5% damage resistance while YOU are wearing Power Armor too.
・+(Damage Resist*0.01) unarmed damage. (e.g. DR1400 > +14 damage)
・Survival Instinct: If you have "Know Your Enemy" Perk, He gains a 10% chance of avoiding all damage from an attack.
[Stealth Capability] Tier 4: Easy to detect.

[Unique Ability] "Tyrant"
・Adds a
Unique Minigun in his inventory. It deals very low damage, But he gains +70% damage resistance with it.
Suppressive Fire: His minigan makes the target into suppression state. The suppressed target decreases damage, range, and accuracy for 2 sec.
Berserk (Ultimate ability): If you have "Berserk" Perk, You can command him to become Berserk-Mode by aiming at him with CCD.
    He gains invulnerability and becomes a giant for a minute. And he may use Throwable-rocks and a Fire-hydrant bat.(See Image)
    it has cool-time for 24 game hours. You can always check whether cool-time or not. (See Image)
[Misc Abilities]
・Worship Me: His attack has 100% chance to turn Super Mutant Suiciders into allies.
・Larger Than Life: You are harder to detect While he is in combat.
・Two handed melee weapon hits all enemies in front of him.
[Stealth Capability] Tier 5: Forget stealth. Just rush the enemy with him.
FYI: In vanilla, There is a glitch that a Super Mutant freezes in the weird posture when using a Minigun. It occurs on Strong too. This mod doesn't fix it, But He gains additional damage resistance under the glitch. If you wanna fix the glitch temporarily, Just talk to him.

[Unique Ability] "Queen of The Cage"
・Her melee attack marks an enemy. Incoming attack from a marked enemy does -95% damage against her.
She marks only a target at a time. If she attacks another target, The mark is removed from the previous target and it moves to the latest one.
・Her own double barrel shotgun is the only weapon that can mark an enemy by bullets.
[Misc Abilities]
・Very aggressive Combat-Style.
・After completed her quest, She gains +50% limb damage.
[Stealth Capability] Tier 2: Almost never detected when not in combat, but not 100% sure.

[Unique Ability] "Good Samaritan"
Medical Treatment: When you aim at her with CCD, She treats you. She cures your health, limb damage, and radiation.
・You gain complete immunity to all addiction while you are with her. (Synth only)
・Stimpak restores 60% of her lost health.

[Misc Abilities]
・Fixed a vanilla bug where "Live&Love" and "Inspirational" not affected curie. 
・Replaces her laser rifle with The Syringer Pistol. (See Image)
    :100% chances to restore 30pt of YOUR health when hit.
    :100% chances to lower the target's DR/ER by 25% for 10sec when hit.
    :25% chances to paralyze the target for 1 sec when hit.
 :You gain a +5% damage and a +5% damage resistance while she is equipped with it.
[Stealth Capability] Tier 3: Same as vanilla. No changes.

[Unique Ability] "Beast Sense"
・You can command [TALK] > [FETCH] > [ENEMIES?] ) Dogmeat to
detect surrounding living things and corpses for a minute. (See Image)
・He marks nearby enemies automatically.

[Misc Abilities]
・Alpha: a 15% chance to pacify an animal that attacks him.
[Stealth Capability] Tier 1: Never detected when not in combat.

[Unique Ability] "Pied Piper"
・You can command Piper to
incite a human opponent by aiming at a target with CCD.
Interrogation: If you have "Gift of Gab" perk, Nearby enemies are marked automatically when her incite attempt succeeded.
・Replaces her 10 mm pistol with The Unique pistol called "Hameln". Incited enemy gains a +50% damage resistance while she is equipped with it.
[Misc Abilities]
・Buying and selling prices are 10% better,and +20% Speech chance when you're with her.
[Stealth Capability] Tier 1: Never detected when not in combat.

[Unique Ability] "Covert Ops"
・You can
disguise when you're with him. You can deal no damage while wearing a disguise. You can craft disguise outfits at chemistry station.
・While wearing a disguise, He is never detected(
No need to change his outfits). But he can't deals damage at all.
・Enemies detect you if you do any one of these behavior below.
    :Too close to the enemies.
    :Open fire or swing melee weapon.
    :Run out of AP. (
You lose your AP over time while wearing a disguise)
Blend In: You are never detected while sitting or using workbench, And your AP is restored. (See Image)
Assassination: When not in combat, He can instantly kill a target who is sleeping or using a workbench. Just aim with CCD at the victim. (See Image)
[Misc Abilities]
・Replaces his hunting rifle with a suppressed 10mm pistol. (Very low damage, but +100% stealth attack damage)
・His stealth attack with one handed weapon or suppressed weapon deals +100% damage.
[Stealth Capability] Tier 1: Never detected when not in combat.

[Unique Ability] "Scientific Marvel"
・You can command Nick to
hack an enemy robot or a turret or a synth by aiming at a target with CCD.
・You never get locked out of a terminal when you're with him.

[Misc Abilities]
・After completed his quest, replaces his own pipe revolver with the unique .44 pistol called "The Winter's End". it has +50% damage against ghouls or feral ghouls.
・Deceptive Jamming: When you are with him, Enemy Turrets can't detect you and nick.
・He has his own Recon sensor to marks surrounding enemies.
・Mysterious Bullet: If you have "Mysterious Stranger" Perk, He gains a 2% chance to deadly shot with .44  pistol. (See Image)
・Lights out for you: Adds EMP grenade. It has many effects that depend on the target. (See Video)
    All: The targets can't use Laser-weapon, Plasma-weapon, Gamma-Gun, Gauss-Rifle, And Tesla Rifle for 15 seconds.
    Robot, Turret or Synth: 200 energy damage.
    Power-Armor: Paralyses for 3 seconds. Slightly decreases Range, Accuracy, And damage for 15 seconds.
    Other than the above: No effect at all.
[Stealth Capability] Tier 1: Never detected when not in combat.

[Unique Ability] "Scavenger"
・You'll always find a junk in corpse while you're with her.

[Misc Abilities]
・Mercy: If The Mechanist is alive, Ada gains +5% damage resistance.
・No Mercy: If The Mechanist is dead, Ada gains +10% damage and increases accuracy and range.
[Stealth Capability] Tier 3: Same as vanilla. No changes.

[Unique Ability] "Duty of The Butler"
・You take almost no radiation from eating or drinking while you're with him.
・You can craft a purified water from a dirty water while you're with him.

[Misc Abilities]
・+50% limb damage with the flamer in his arm.
[Stealth Capability] Tier 3: Same as vanilla. No changes.


[Tier 1] Never detected while not in combat.
Dogmeat, Piper, Nick, Deacon, Gage(with Disciples Perk)

[Tier 2] Almost never detected while not in combat, but not 100% sure.
MacCready, Cait, Gage(with Operators Perk)

[Tier 3] Same as vanilla. No changes.
Curie, Preston, Longfellow, Ada, Codsworth, Hancock, X6-88, Gage(without Perk)

[Tier 4] Easy to detect.
Companion with Power-Armor (Danse included)

[Tier 5] Forget stealth.


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If you are struggling with conflicts between this mod and some other mods, Please let me know.


Uninstall old version > Save your game > Install new version > Enjoy!


[PS4] https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4051689
[XB1] https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4060444