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Square floor sized panels with interior wiring that allow electricity to run through them.

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I loathe the vanilla  conduits. I hate them, and to some degree I hate even the stuff I made for myself. They're clunky, ugly, require a lot of fiddling and generally give me a headache. So I had this idea and I made it real.

What this is - 4 small floor pieces that snap the same way as the vanilla ones, but have some extra features to them

  • visible wiring for extra eye pleasure
  • current flow passage for less headache
  • conduit snap for the ability to snap todd's creations onto them
  • shaken, scrappy format so it remains "lore friendly" and "immersive"
  • conduit headache averting by allowing you to snap them together as floor and avert using those ugly pipes and having to meander around to be able to get anywhere!

The items can be found in Metal>Floors

For VE users, this will be implemented there as well.

That's all. A wooping total of 4 small floors with wires in them and the ability to conduct electricity, while also allowing conduits to snap to them.

[x] do these work with NPCs?
- surely

[x]These are ugly!
- so are you

[x] Why no images from game?
- you got all the images you need