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Adds two new armors for males and females

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Ah, the noble scavenger. Thats as close as I'm going to get to a clever description. 

Adds a scavenger's armor set to the Commonwealth which is craftable at the Armorsmith workbench under "RUGGED" as well as a unique enhanced version that can be found on a dead treasure hunter somewhere in the wastes (subtle hint in the images). See readme for spoiler.

The set has a few customization options as far as the colors of the shirt and pants and whatnot and as always, report any bugs you find.

Brokefoot - Leg armor
AmaekilShath - Normal and Specular Maps from The Mercenary Tex-Edits
Niero - Scarf from Cross Uni Scarf
L0rd0fWar - Body Armor and Backpack Straps from The Mercenary Pack
Eferas - Pants from Boston Jacket Fatigues
Stndmunki - Pouches from Wearable Backpacks and Pouches