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Gives follower(s) the ability to revive the player and also each other if using multiple followers in combat

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What This Mod Does
Similar to when followers go into a bleedout state when they lose their hp, this mod makes it so that the player also goes into bleedout state when you lose all your hp. When you go down, your follower will try to revive you similar to how you can stimpak followers. I made this mod also compatible with the Unlimited Companion Framework mod so that if you have more than one follower with you, they will try to revive each other when they go down as well.

How the System Works
If you have any followers with you, you will not instantly die when you go down, they will come and try to get you back up. Revive time can be configured to be be 2, 5 or 10 seconds. Your follower is susceptible to enemy fire and can go down when reviving you so try not to die in the middle of a bunch of raiders. If they do go down when reviving you, the game will end unless you have more followers available to help.
If you have more than one follower, they will attempt to revive each other if someone goes down. 
The game will end if all your followers and you are down.
Only one follower can be reviving at a single time.
Dogmeat cannot help you or others get back up.
Radiation deaths are fatal and you cannot be revived.
(Optional setting) You will die after being down for 60 seconds without any help.
(Optional setting) Followers will need to have a stimpak in their inventories to be able to rescue you or each other.

Setting Options
Upon installing the mod you should receive a settings holotape. If not, you can craft one at any chem station.

If you are going to uninstall this mod, you must select the uninstall option on the holotape before removing the files, otherwise your player might be marked as essential for the rest of your game! Remember to save your game afterwards as well after selecting uninstall.

Compatibilities and Recommended Mods
Should work with all companions that are added by mods.
I recommend 
Unlimited Companion Framework by Expired6978 if you want a party like combat system, this mod was designed specifically for this purpose and has some npc interactions between members when reviving each other. Any other mods that allows multiple companions should work as long as the game can recognise them as player followers.

Known Issues
This mod is untested (by me at least) on Automatron robot followers
  • Animation problems with companions in power armour and Strong. Functionality unaffected.
  • If the mod doesn't work at first, try reloading an area (fast travel, open a load door, etc...)
  • Sometimes reviver does not face the person they are saving.
  • Codsworth and Curie (Miss Nanny form) do not have any animations when reviving, they just stand next to the player. Functionality unaffected.
  • If you are in an area that will not allow followers in, then you cannot die when you go down and your follower will be unable to get to you. You will have to reload last save or wait until you die.
  • Sometimes, it may register an incorrect number of followers.
  • Followers may stop reviving each other. If this happens try loading a new area or (risky) try killing yourself to reset the system so that one of them will revive you first and then the rest
  • Animation for reviving may sometimes not play. Functionality unaffected.
  • Dogmeat can sometimes not be registered as a follower, this happens when he stops doing the usual follower routine such as when going off to look for items.
  • Sometimes after getting back up crouch/stand doesn't work. Try switching 1st/3rd person cams then try aiming and standing at the same time.