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Changes the vanilla Assault Rifle to work like a LMG. Lower auto firerate and increased damage, and a name change to reflect this.

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The vanilla assault rifle is NOT an assault rifle, its a lesson in poor game weapon design that would never work in the real world. Can you imagine hauling around a machine gun with a water cooled barrel, full of water, shouldering and firing it? I think not. So, I decided to make a few tweaks to the weapon to change it into a machine gun. The inspiration for this mod was this video of the Vickers MKI:

-Still uses 5.56mm, but base damage has been increased to 37.
-removed the speed flags on the auto receivers, firing more slowly but more like a machine gun.
-name changed from 'Assault Rifle' to 'Light Machine Gun'

Shouldn't conflict with anything. Place last in load order (or lower than anything that mods the assault rifle).

I'm pondering making a .308 receiver set, as the Vickers itself was chambered in .303 British. Of course let me know what you think and suggestions for changes or anything to add in are not only welcome, but highly encouraged.