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2 Male Presets, 2 Female. Requires LooksMenu, and a few other things. Merry Christmas c:

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Two male and two female presets. Just download the required mods, most of them are for the girl presets. I tried to base them off stuff I like (fandoms? idk). Markus, Symmetra, Vintage house wife, and just a cute guy. (sorry cx) The list is in the order I installed them. I know Natasha and Valhalla will most likely glitch if installed incorrectly, and for Eyes Of Beauty I installed everything. Empyreal isn't really required, unless you want my exact game.


-Eyes Of Beauty
-Looks Menu Customization Compendium
-Younger Male Textures
-Extended Facial Sculpting 
-A Nice Oak Tree Hairs
-Kirs freckles
-deLuxe Makeup
-Natasha Face Texture (install after CBBE)
-Pride of Valhalla (install after Natasha)
-Eye Normal Map Fix
-Looking Stranger - Heterochromia and Odd Eyes
-HN66s and XAZOMNs Distinctive Teeth
-Empyreal ENB

Feel free to upload screenshots with these presets! I love seeing what others use my mods for. :)