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Allows players to start the game with same sex couples.

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First off if this isn't your thing just move along. Neither I nor the moderators will put up with any shenanigans.

Second I have Herald777's permission to continue the LGBT Family, I am reloading them here as they were when they decided not to continue.
If there are major bugs I will look into fixing them but I consider them to be final and complete. These are stand alone files that should not be used with the Same Sex files. They are Herald777's original works that attempt to make the game as gender neutral as possible. They skip over the prewar sequences and drop you in the Vault after character creation. They are modifications to the subtitled dialogue only.

The new files I am uploading allow you to start the game normally (mostly) and play as a same sex couple. This includes modifying where necessary the dialogue both written and voiced throughout the main quest line.

Version 3 is fairly complete, I am sure I have missed some of the incidental dialogue please let me know.
I still need to generate lip sync files for the Male version.

I will eventually upload these for consoles, but not until I have them complete.

Known bugs:
The scripting at the beginning could be modified to to make the mirror scene cleaner, but I don't know enough about it to make changes.
In the memory den sequence you may appear outside your cryopod.
Moving the spouse to the mirror at the beginning sometimes fails.
The Spouse sometimes carries Shaun strangely, not sure that this isn't a problem in the base game as I am pretty sure I have seen this without mods loaded.

Female version:
You must leave the mirror scene as the "Nora" spouse. i.e. you have to switch from the character at the mirror to the spouse once the initial dialogue
plays or the scripting gets confused.

Male version:
The spouse is invisible during the mirror scene, once you leave the mirror he is fine.

LGBT Family:
The Far Harbor version sometimes gets stuck on the loading screen.

I have had a little break at work so I did some limited testing on compatibility with other mods.

Start Me Up seems to work. I have tried each of the options Start Me Up provides and they all seem to work as they should.
If you chose to play through the prewar sequence my mod works as designed.
Selecting the option to keep the memory and wake up in the vault also appears to keep my dialogue changes.
Choosing the it's a dream option will as far as I have tested continue to remove most of the references to your having a child.
My mod should load after Start Me Up.

Unique Player requires a compatibility patch for the female version only. I have uploaded an optional esp for it. It does not apply a custom texture to the spouse.

Synthetic Love has an issue with the initial dialogue with Nora, so you can't move past that.

Nora Lives seems to kinda work but the spouse is still named Nora instead of Natalie and shares the players appearance. Also there is no audio for the players dialogue, I haven't tried it without my mod so I don't know if there is audio if you are playing as a male.

Dual Survivors also kinda worked but there were dialogue, naming and appearance issues.

Herald777 for LGBT Family