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My really lazy texture editing applied to all the clothing and armor diffuse maps in the game.

Currently everything is edited, but there are a good number that I need to keep working on/improve.

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Version 0.61 Update posted.  

I have (half-ass) edited every single armor and clothing texture in the base game. I sat down for about eight hours altogether to do this, and it is by no means perfect because I was anxious to just hurry and finish it most of the time.

This includes, but is not limited to: weirdly glossy-looking diffuse maps, alpha issues, odd color changes, over-sharpening, and strange shadows.

If you like this, I would ask you to post feedback and point out places where I've messed up (screenshots of errors help). 
I'm only one person and I miss things or overlook them when editing for hours on end.

Alright to slap in your game and not worry about encountering too much weirdness as of Version 0.6.

When everything is said and done I plan to hide the mod and split up the file into three smaller files for easier downloading.
(It'll still be the same size downloaded altogether, I'm afraid to say.)

___________ _____ _____ ___ ___ __ _

An all-in-one for vanilla base game armor/clothing retextures.

Very Kind of work-in-progress.

____________ ____ ____ ___ ____ __ _

>>>>>>>>> Currently replaces every clothing/armor diffuse texture in the base game.

Not upscaled/HD.

Does not effect meshes. 
May look different depending on the mesh you use (Vanilla, CBBE, etc.).

A special thanks to Caliente for bodyslide, or I would have never managed to upload decent comparison screenshots. That tool is seriously a life-saver.