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Don't let the junk in the wasteland weigh you down! This mod reduces/removes weight from many different types of items, and is fully customizable to your liking depending on which files you choose. You can remove weight from building supplies, aid, weapon and armor mods, throwables, and more!

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What does this mod do?
The default mod removes the weight from junk items like screwdrivers and wrenches, as well as resources like wood and oil. There are also many optional files that you can download to remove weight from Aid items like food and medicine, weapon/armor mods that you find around the wastes, throw-able items like frag grenades and flares, and more! Check out some of the merge patches if you are interested in multiple or all of the files that are available!

There is also a reduced version that reduces the weight of junk items, but doesn't remove it completely!
Update: New Version of Reduced Junk Weight is up

There may be conflicts with inventory sorting mods.
I won't write an entire list of all the things that it removes weight from as it would be way too long, but it is basically all building materials like steel, wood, etc. and all of the items that can be broken down into those supplies. There are a lot more than you'd expect!

I hope you all enjoy this mod, as it should help lighten the load on a lot of people who want to explore or are frustrated that they have to give up useful storage space for stupid wrenches and hammers.


Version 1.1 (Weightless Junk):
-Adjusted weight to 0 for Extinguisher & Gas Canister
-Fixed Cafeteria Tray not giving out plastic, now gives 2 plastic and has 0 weight.
-Removed identical to master records to help clean up the file a bit

-Added Weightless Weapon Mods & Armor Mods optional file

-Added Weightless Food & Aid optional file
-Added Merged file of all three mods into one .esp file

-Merged Aid and Weapon/Armor mods into a single optional file
-Merged Junk and Aid into a single optional file
-Merged Junk and Weapon/Armor mods into a single optional file
-Added an optional weightless throwables mod
-Added reduced Junk weight version



Thanks to Elysium7 for helping out with ideas and creating the updated reduced-weight mod, along with merging our two mods together into this one!

Also thanks to the FO4EDIT team!