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About this mod

Adds an immersive way to die. When you die in the Wasteland, you wakeup in a nearby bed, not knowing how you got back there, or you can use a Stimpak or Radaway to get back up.

Permissions and credits

Great News

has allowed me to incorporate the idea from his FO4 Balanced Essential Player mod into this mod. Now you can get back up on the spot using Stimpaks (or Radaway if you died from radiation poisoning.)


Configurable XP requirements to clear death effects
Configurable Rad healing on wakeup from death
Configurable Limb healing on wakeup from death
• Option to lose weapons and armor on death
• Alternate lore
Fix issue where health threshold doesn't reset
Devise a way to prevent broken quests due to being moved
Add settings holotape
Optional Caps cost on death
Optional penalty to max health on death
Notification options: Immersive|Game


• Wake back up in the last bed you slept in after dying, or use a Stimpak (or Radaway if you die from radiation poisoning) to get back up right away.
NEW MCM menu to configure settings for the mod
NEW Perks show what S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills currently have penalties
• Settings holotape allows you to configure the settings for the mod
○ Decrease random S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skill by 1-5 after death. [Default Enabled]
○ Prevent you from healing above set health threshold after death. [Deafult Disabled]
○ Lose set percentage of caps after death. [Default Disabled]
○ How many rads to restore when waking after passing out. [Default 5%]
NEW Where to wake up after passing out. [Default Nearby "safe" bed]
How much XP it takes to clear penalties. [Default 20%]
Recover using Stimpak/Radaway? [Default Enabled]
Ask if you want to restore using Stimpak/Radaway. [Deafult Enabled]
Apply Death Penalties when recovering using Stimpak/Radaway. [Default Enabled]
○ Heal limbs after passing out. [Default Enabled]
○ Notification options: Immersive or Game related. [Default Immersive]
Return to the last place you died. (FOR USE ONLY IF YOU DIED IN A LOCATION THAT YOU CAN'T GET BACK TO!)
• All death penalties are removed by gaining experience. The amount of experience required increases with your level.
• Works on any kind of death. (Other similar mods I have seen only work if you are killed by an actor.)

Install & Update

• Install with your favorite mod manager or simply copy the files into your Data folder if you prefer.
• Enable DeathPenalty.esp.

If updating from version 1.3 or below, you must delete the old files before installing the new update. I changed to a ba2 archive, and if you leave the loose files, they will load instead of the new ones. This will break everything!!! Before updating make sure you delete the following:
"Fallout 4\Data\Scripts\DeathPenalty_Script.pex"
"Fallout 4\Data\Scripts\Fragments\Terminals\TERM_DeathPenalty_Settings_010035B9_1.pex"
"Fallout 4\Data\Scripts\Fragments\Terminals\TERM_DeathPenalty_SettingsTe_010035B9.pex"
"Fallout 4\Data\Scripts\Fragments\Terminals\TERM_DeathPenalty_TermCaps_010035BC.pex"
"Fallout 4\Data\Scripts\Fragments\Terminals\TERM_DeathPenalty_TermHealth_010035BB.pex"
"Fallout 4\Data\Scripts\Fragments\Terminals\TERM_DeathPenalty_TermSPECIA_010035BA.pex".

• Open the MCM or [Settings] Death Penalty item from your inventory and set the settings as you prefer.


• Death Penalty is purely script based and uses its own scripts. It shouldn't conflict with anything.


• Use the Uninstall option in the MCM or Settings holotape then save your game before removing the mod.
• It is NEVER recommended that you remove a script mod mid game. I suggest loading from a backup from before Death Penalty was installed or starting a new game. If you choose to remove Death Penalty mid game, it is safest to use the Uninstall option in the Settings holotape and leaving the mod installed.

VR Note

Bethesda added an ImageSpace modifier that turns your screen red on death. It also disables the use of the Pipboy. Nothing I have managed to find or try has managed to disable or clear this. It clears automatically if you open the menu and close it again. If you are playing on VR, you will have to open and close the menu every time you die, whether you use a Stimpak to restore or wake back up in bed in order to clear this.