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Fixes for some pathing issues in vault structures.

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This mod fixes some pathing problems in Vault-Tec Workshop building pieces.

If you have ever built a structure in Vault 88 you may have noticed that your settlers have trouble getting around.  Maybe they just stand there like they don't know what to do or where to go.  As I was building my own vault I noticed that and it really bugged me, so I spent some time commanding MacCready to stand here and stand there (he's a real whiner when he can't get to a spot), and I pushed around the settlers in my vault until I noticed two things.  

  1. If you put up an Atrium doorway bottom and connect it to a room doorway piece, NPCs won't pass through the door.
  2. NPCs cannot enter a square that has an atrium doorway top in it.

The game engine apparently builds the navmesh of the vault dynamically while you are constructing it.  And something about those pieces prevented it from connecting the navmesh correctly and allowing the NPCs to pass through.  So I opened up the creation kit and made a few changes to how the navmesh is calculated for those pieces.  After a bit of head-scratching and fiddling around I eventually managed to get my settlers to walk back and forth under the atrium doorway top and through the doorway bottom and now they are much more active.  I thought maybe you might want to try the changes I made to see if your vault benefits from them as much as mine did.

This mod is in alpha.  It's my first mod and I honestly don't know if I did anything that will cause problems.  It hasn't caused any problems in my vault 88, but that's only one test case.  If you notice any adverse effects from installing this mod please report them in the bugs list.  It's pretty small, though, so I don't really expect any issues.

There are also some pathing problems this mod doesn't address.  It doesn't address the scripting issue (I assume) that causes all (or most of) the settlers to gather on the second or third floor at midnight and just stand around. If you have an idea what that might be about let me know and I'll try to fix that too. It also doesn't address the fact that settlers tend to want to stick by the entrance and won't venture out to the drug store or the subway part of the vault. Though that can apparently be fixed by using the Settler Sandbox Expansion mod.

This mod makes changes to the Atrium Doorway Top and Atrium Doorway Bottom as well as all the room doorway (but not the room corner doorway) pieces in the workshop.  Any mod that changes those pieces will most likely not be compatible and whichever one is last in the load order will win.

You are, of course, free to make the same changes I did in your own mod, they are pretty simple.  See the readme file for details.   If you do, please let me know so I can link to your mod from this page so people will know they don't need both.