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A small change that affects all consumables which restores player's HP.

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This simple .esp file allows every consumable to heal by percentage. The amount of percentage depends on previous amount of HP healed without the mod (For example, Mutfruit now heals 10% of players HP instead of the intended value of 10)
Oddly enough this also makes all consumables that restores HP also heals your crippled limbs, however the amount healed are not affected by your Medic Perk.

As of Version 1.2, foods now heal for reduced amount as suggested by fellow modders.
The amount would be roughly 20% of the original value (For example, Mutfruit now heals 2% of players HP instead of 10%).

Two Options:
-Install Via Nexus Mod Manager
Download with Nexus and let the NMM do the rest

-Manual Installation
Extract the .esp file inside the .rar file onto your Fallout 4 data file

Update Logs
Version 1.1
- Added optional Stimpak buff

With this file, Stimpak give slow, but steady healing (150% current health over 2 minutes)
But don't spam it, because in addition of good healing, it damages your AP.

Version 1.2

Replaces the old version with this one.