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  1. JtBryant96
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    Update 1.1.0:
    New Plot: Mayor's House
    Added 5 more guests to the pool.
  2. gungho95
    • member
    • 678 posts
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    I really like this one. It helps my more commercial heavy settlements have more random bodies interacting with stuff (by the way Budget Fett is freaking genius) and I use it at my Outposts so they feel like a fortified rest stop for weary travelers. I also borrowed the layout when ever I need more homes for settlers that's space effecient.
  3. casterlyrockn
    • member
    • 357 posts
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    Is this included in sin settlements mega pack?
    1. mytigio
      • premium
      • 446 posts
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      I don't believe so, I'm fairly sure nobody could contact JTBryant in order to get permission
  4. tocknock78
    • member
    • 6 posts
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    Hey JTBryant96! Looking back, it seems you were ahead of your time with this mod. Now that Sim Settlements has interior plots, this could (almost) be even better. I say "almost", because I believe the game still limits a plot to one settler. With the interior plots, I've built a few hotels and other things. Great work, and thanks!
  5. TheSilverShroud307
    • member
    • 11 posts
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    The sim towers hotel does not appear in my build menu when I use the asam sensor to select the building, Is there another way I build the sim hotel? Is this a load order issue, i didn't think it would conflict with anything so I just let loot do its work without thinking twice about it. I reinstalled, still couldn't see it in the choose building menu, but I was able to select it with the architects tool.
  6. SkorneTetZu13
    • member
    • 123 posts
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    Is there a way to reset the Mayor's House in a settlement. Long story short... I built the Mayor's House... didn't like something about it... tore it down... and moved on. Thereafter... I played for many hours and saved the game multiple times. Now I'm ready to revisit building the house, but the option isn't available any longer. (I'm assuming it has something to do with only being able to build one Mayor's House per settlement.)

    Sooo... is it possible to fix this issue???

    Advanced Thanx!!!
  7. User_35607895
    • account closed
    • 1,156 posts
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    My turrets do not like the motel visitors. Justin is especially angry about it and kills off my rad chickens and rad rabbits from the various Sim Settlement mods.
  8. SnakeIsDead29
    • premium
    • 358 posts
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    Hello, I was wondering if you have any plans of updating this mod to include the ability to allow actual settlers to live in these hotels?
    This would be really helpful for smaller settlements.
  9. GunsMan
    • member
    • 52 posts
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  10. gungho95
    • member
    • 678 posts
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    i love this one, im trying to turn Starlight Drive into a kinda Las Vegas theme and having random NPCs show up helps with the vibe. I built like 3 there lol
  11. Boone of the Wasteland
    Boone of the Wasteland
    • member
    • 2,078 posts
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    My Mayor House in the building plans is gone. Anyone know why this happens?