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Gives Legendary Enemies unique names to befit their status as legends of the wastes.

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This is a pretty basic mod to make the game a bit more interesting and fun. Instead of Legendary Enemies being called "Legendary X" now they all have a unique name to make them feel more like someone/something that gets talked about by people of the wasteland. This is possibly *~immersive~* or just a bit of a change.

There is a mix of intimidating/serious names and goofy ones to help keep things fresh.

I'd like to give a shout-out to the SA Goons who helped to create a lot of the names from version 2.0 onwards.

Occasionally the game will decide to be weird and you will come across the same unique legendary twice in a row, just roll with it. They are very good at playing dead.

This mod alters the legendary enemies themselves so sadly it will probably conflict with any mods that also edit them, to make them stronger/give them all moustaches or whatever other thing. With version 2.0 this mod will also alter the Legendary Enemy levelled lists, so it will conflict with any mods that do the same. If you want your levelled lists untouched then stick to the old version.

You will need Automatron, Far Harbour and Nuka-World.