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Inspired by NordicRaven's Black Institute Weapons mod, I thought "You know, why doesn't the institute have any heavy weapons?" And thus this was born. NOW STANDALONE!

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Inspired by NordicRaven's Black Institute Weapons mod (Which I HIGHLY recommend; it makes the guns so much cooler), I thought "You know, why doesn't the institute have any heavy weapons?" And thus this was born.

This started out as just a black Institute themed recolor for the gatling laser. Then things happened, and inspiration struck. And it struck HARD. 

  • The first thing to cover is that there are now black Institute themed textures for both the Gatling Laser and the Missile Launcher. They look really snazzy, in my opinion. 
  • The second thing is that I also went over and made REGULAR institute themed retextures for both of those weapons. I'm not super happy with the launcher, but it was a pain to get like it is. 
  • Third, there's an optional download to make the Gatling Laser (And all other lasers) shoot Institute blue lasers.
  • Then fourth, as if that wasn't enough, I made the missiles into blue Institute lasers, and the explosions into EMP blasts.

Yep. That's right. Your missile launcher will shoot lasers now. That's an optional download, though, so grab it only if you want it. There are still some kinks to work out with the projectiles (I know WHAT needs to be fixed, it's simply a matter of figuring out the how) and some very minor textures. But overall, it is really, really cool.

This should cover all the mods for the gatling laser and the missile launcher. And no, they aren't exactly how NordicRaven did his skin; I made my own take on it, and put it on weapons that hadn't got much love.

Anyhow, hope somebody out there enjoys! Feel free to use, abuse, or do whatever with. No credit necessary because I don't particularly care about that sort of thing. Just hope it's useful to somebody.

Featured in Oxhorn's 21 of the Best Institute Fallout 4 Mods video!

Both color schemes are now available as individual, standalone mods at any crafting bench. They are identical in function to the normal mods, but will have a descriptor of their color. To make a weapon fully black or fully regular, you must use a combination of all the parts. The Receivers control the main body of the gun; the muzzle, the muzzle; the barrels, the barrels; and the sights, well, the sights. This might seem overly complex, but so far, it's the only way I've found to make it so that these textures are truly standalone for a weapon. If anyone can instruct me o a less painful way of doing so, i would appreciate it. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. This was tedious as hell. Easy, but tedious.
Also, note: The muzzle is the final say in what laser color the weapon will have. So keep that in mind when making modifications.