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Explore the MOON in Fallout 4! Kill stranded Institute synths, discover hidden secrets and build a lunar base!

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This mod allows you to travel to the MOON! After a long time working with the Institute, a scientist abandoned her bosses. With determination to uncover what the abandoned project LUNAR was, with all the evidence she could gather, she uncovers that the Institute were planning to travel to the MOON! Unsure of the purpose, she devises a way to tune a teleporter to one of the old transmitters on the moon. However, before she could get there, she was killed. If you find the teleporter, maybe YOU could finish her work!

This mod features:

  • A brand new worldspace!
  • Environmental storytelling!
  • A settlement on the moon!
  • Low gravity combat!
  • Some quests!
  • A new follower (coming soon!)
  • Life support and oxygen system (coming soon!)
  • Nuka-world space suit support (coming soon!)

- New quest! If you're already on the moon, just relay to Earth then relay back to start the quest!
- Improved landscape textures
- Persistent stars
- Earth sometimes visible (WIP)
- New location
- Alien rebalanced
- Workshop reskinned into 'Control Center'

- Bug fixes
- Day/Night cycle
- Visible sun
- New location

To get there, simply travel south-east of Concord. You won't miss it!

Music by Eric Matyas - www.soundimage.org
Moon Textures by pixelhate (Older versions)
Lunar Ground Texture by vdata