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Something that often bothered me in Fallout 4 was being able to wander around with pockets full of weightless bottlecaps that you couldn't even take out of your inventory. It just never made any sense! Well with this mod, all of that is about to change. Have you always dreamed of setting up a hidden stash in the middle of the Glowing Sea, far away from prying eyes? Well, now you can - just watch out for Deathclaws! Or maybe you just want to leave a cash reserve at each of your settlements so you're never short of funds when it's time to top up your supplies. You can do that too, in fact, you're free to make use of this system in whichever way best suits your playstyle. Here is a brief summary of the changes that the mod introduces:

  • Bottlecaps and Bobby Pins now have realistic weight.

  • Bottlecaps can be moved into or out of your inventory at any time using craftable containers.

  • Caps can be transferred between any connected settlements in your network by using Transfer Notes.

  • Caps can be given to provisioners, settlers, or companions for direct transportation to other settlements.

  • Activating Bobby Pin Boxes or Caps Stashes that you find will give you empty containers that can be filled with caps.

  • The new containers are completely dynamic, and so will work anywhere. They even work whilst in combat.


1. Bottlecaps are now weighted (0.0048lb) and so you will need to properly manage and store them to avoid becoming over encumbered. Bobby Pins have also been given a small amount of weight (0.0012lb).

2. You can use specially designed containers to move your caps. These can either be found whilst exploring (by activating Bobby Pin Boxes or Caps Stashes) or can be crafted at any Chem Station under the Cap Storage category. They can also be scrapped at the Chem Station if you make too many.

3. The containers come in two sizes. Coin Boxes hold exactly 250 caps, and becomes Caps Stash (250) when filled. Bottlecap Tins are much bigger and hold exactly 1000 caps. Bottlecap Tins become Caps Stash (1000) when filled.

4. To use the containers, activate them the same way you would a chem. They can be found under the Aid tab of your Pip-Boy menu. If you have enough caps, they will be transferred into the container, which will change to a full version. To get your caps back, just activate the full container and the process is reversed. This will allow you to store caps whenever and wherever you like.

5. To move caps directly between settlements, you can use new items called Transfer Notes. These can also be created at a Chem Station, and cost either 1050 or 5100 caps (you will need Local Leader rank 2). Once you've created a few Transfer Notes, simply drop them into your settlement workshop. You can then convert them back to either 1000 or 5000 caps each by using a Chem Station at any connected settlement. Your Transfer Notes can be found under the Misc tab of your Pip-Boy menu.

6. In addition to giving you an empty Bottlecap Tin, Caps Stashes that you find whilst exploring will now give you around 60-100 caps, compared to around 10-30 in the vanilla game. Bobby Pin Boxes will still give you the same number of bobby pins as vanilla, as well as an empty Coin Box.

Note: I have included two versions of the mod on the download page - one with tags for use with Valdacil's Item Sorting, and one without.


Please see sticky post on the comments page for update instructions.


Having over 1 million caps in your inventory will show up in the Pip-Boy menu as 1000000+ (although the Bartering menu will display correctly). This is an inherent feature of the base game GUI and not a bug - you will still have all of your caps. Note that with this mod, 1 million caps would weigh over 2 metric tons! (4,800lb) So you might want to consider storing them instead.

There is an engine limitation that creates an error when moving large quantities of any individual item. When using this mod, you would need to transfer the equivalent of more than 16 million caps at the same time for the error to take effect. This would be almost almost impossible to achieve during normal gameplay, and so your caps will be completely safe.


Should be compatible with anything that does not alter the records for bottlecaps or bobby pins, and also bobby pin boxes and cap stashes (including the associated leveled list). Note that the mod includes two versions of the cap stash mesh and textures - one with a label and one without - and so any replacer would be incompatible. Texture replacers for bottlecaps, bobby pins, or bobby pin boxes should however be fine to use.


Valdacil's Item Sorting  by Valdacil  -  adds sorting tags to most items (a truly essential mod, also a requirement when using the VIS option)
Salvage Beacons  by Kinggath  -  works incredibly well alongside this mod to further increase immersion when transporting caps
Sim Settlements  by Kinggath  -  a must have for anyone serious about using settlements, too many features to list here!


Install using NMM


Uninstall using NMM. If removing the mod completely, please ensure you convert any bottlecap containers or Transfer Notes back into caps first.


Sublime Text 3
NifSkope 2.0
Photoshop CC


Please do not reuse any included assets without my express permission. This mod must not be uploaded to any other site.

The PC version is exclusive to nexusmods.com. An Xbox One version is available at bethesda.net as per the link at the top of this page. There will not be a PS4 version as I do not own a PS4, and would therefore be unable to test any mods created for the platform.