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Some configurable, scripted magic to rework some of vanilla's stupid fusion core mechanics

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Fallout 4's Gatling Laser always disappointed me, primarily because of how poorly it handles its ammunition source. You're either forced to maintain only a single fusion core in your inventory, or will inevitably end up with 50 different fusion cores in your inventory that all have differing charge levels.

   To address this issue, I created this mod: any time you equip a weapon that uses standard fusion cores, it'll apply a special weapon mod to convert it to use "partially depleted" fusion cores, and will convert standard fusion cores into partially depleted fusion cores as needed. In this way, you'll only ever discharge one fusion core at a time, and won't end up with loads of slightly discharged fusion cores cluttering up your inventory.

   This also includes a fix for magazine capacity, to avoid the thing where you need to unload then reload the same fusion core back into your gun part-way through its charge, and an option to disable the spin-up/charge time on a fusion core weapon to make it a little more practical to use.

-- Ammo Recycling --
   Perhaps the main drawback of this system is that it disables normal manual reloading. As an alternative, this mod offers a way to recycle your ammunition. The way this works is very simple - when you use the [Recycle Current Ammo] aid item in your inventory, your current (e.g.) Partially Depleted Fusion Core will be destroyed, and its remaining health will be converted into Recycled Fusion Core Charges. For each 0.1% of health your ammunition has remaining, you will receive 1 Recycled Fusion Core Charge; as soon as you collect 1000 of these, they will automatically be recycled into a full ammunition item that you can use again.

   In case you want to discourage your own Chronic Reload Syndrome, you can also set a penalty for this system via the holotape. Recycling efficiency is 100% by default, so that e.g. a 25% charged Fusion Core will recycle into 250 Recycled Charges. If you were to set this to 75% instead, you'd receive 187 charges, or at 50% 125 charges, and so forth.

   For convenience, I recommend assigning your [Recycle Current Ammo] item to a hotkey. If you don't use it already, I also recommend registrator2000's Hotkeys mod, so that you can assign this item to any key or key combination that you'd like.

-- Config --
The first time you equip a compatible weapon, you'll get a config holotape added to your inventory. Provided you don't have a holotape already, you can also craft one at a chem bench. Its options are as follows:
   [Configure Current Weapon...] - for manually configuring your current weapon, particularly if automatic setup doesn't work properly.
      [Set Ammo Type...] - If GLAF doesn't correctly detect your weapon's ammo type, you can manually set it here.
         [Set Type: No Ammo Fix]
         [Set Type: Fusion Core]
         [Set Type: <other compatible ammo types>]
         [<Lock/Unlock> Ammo Type] - If locked, GLAF will never attempt to update this weapon's ammo type, and will treat it as whatever you've configured above.
      [<Apply/Remove> Capacity Fix] - Sets your weapon's ammo capacity to 10,000, to allow the entire core to be discharged without reloading
      [<Apply/Remove> No Spin-up] - Removes the spin-up delay on your weapon before firing, if applicable.
      [<Lock/Unlock> All Special Mods] - If locked, GLAF will never attempt to auto-update any mods attached to this weapon.
      [Clear All Special Mods] - Removes all GLAF mods from this weapon.
   [Default Weapon Configuration...]
      [Toggle: Automatic Setup] - If disabled, GLAF will never auto-update any weapon mods attached to any weapon, and weapons will have to be set up to use GLAF's features manually.
      [Toggle: Capacity Fix] - If disabled, GLAF will not auto-apply the capacity fix to compatible weapons.
      [Cycle: No Spin-up] - Options are Disabled, Fusion Core Weapons Only, and Enabled; determines which weapons, if any, the no spin-up mod gets applied to automatically; note that this will only work on weapons that one of the ammo fix mods have been applied to.

   [Ammo Recycling...]
      [Recycle Current Ammo] - Recycles your current ammunition, exactly the same way as the [Recycle Current Ammo] aid item.
      [Condense All Ammo] - Converts all of your compatible ammo items into fully charged units with the same total charge, in case your inventory is a wreck after first installing GLAF.
      [Recycler Efficiency Config...]
         [Set: 100%/[...]/50%] - Optionally, add a penalty to recycling your ammunition. This is configurable in 5% increments.

   [Miscellaneous Options...]
      [<Show/Hide> Ammo Added/Removed Message] - Toggles display of the e.g. "Fusion Core removed" and "Partially Depleted Fusion Core added" messages when a unit of ammo gets converted.
      [Reset Scripts] - Resets and restarts all GLAF scripts, in case something starts acting funny.

-- Compatibility --
   Works with any weapon, added by a mod or otherwise, that uses a compatible ammo type (which is only Fusion Cores, unless you have one of the supported mods below).

   Works best when used with AWKCR, and your weapons are properly tagged with AWKCR keywords. AWKCR is not strictly required, however.

   Fully compatible with other mods that alter the Gatling Laser, or any other weapon, provided they still use a supported ammo type (typically Fusion Cores)

   Works with Gatling Laser Overhaul, including its variable-number-of-shots-per-fusion-core thing.

   Supports JackRob's mods Jack's Fallout Overhaul, and Fusion Cores are Batteries.

   Supports Cryolator Weapon Rework - Mav's Marvelous Mods.

   Works with Gatling Laser Tweaks, though you'll have to toggle off the "Capacity Fix" option in the Gatling Laser Ammo Fix config holotape for that mod's changes not to get overwritten.

   This mod uses a similar method for attaching mods to a weapon as e.g. Alternate Ammunition or Loads of Ammo, by attaching mods to a hidden "NONE" attachment point. Unlike those mods, however, I found a really neat hack that enables me to only require this temporarily, so that once GLAF has finished setting up a weapon it no longer uses that attachment point, and other mods are free to use it afterwards.

-- Known Issues --
As of version 3.1.0, all previously known issues have been resolved.
-- Uninstallation -- 
   Just remove GatlingLaserAmmoFix.esp and GatlingLaserAmmoFix - Main.BA2 from your data directory. You'll lose any ammunition that's been converted to this mod's version, but otherwise there shouldn't be any permanent changes to your save game, and any weapons that've been changed by this mod will revert back to normal.