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Removes the Strength "cap" that only enables your Strength to go up to 11.

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Main Point

Removes the Strength "cap" that only enables your Strength to go up to 11. So this effectively adds more Strength ,depending which option you choose, to your Character when ever they/you Wear Power Armor going past the vanilla 11. (ex. 6 Strength + Power Armor's 10 Strength = 16 Strength)

Main File

The Main File is a idea I had, to make this mod have more/better balancing then the previous versions. It adds Strength to your Power Armor the higher your level is, capping at +10 strength at level 35.

  • +4 Strength level 1-9
  • +5 Strength level 10-14
  • +6 Strength level 15-19
  • +7 Strength level 20-24
  • +8 Strength level 25-29
  • +9 Strength level 30-34
  • +10 Strength level 35+ 

UPDATE: Fixed issue that caused you to lose your Strength at levels 14, 19, 24, 29, and 34.

Other Options

I added new options to how much Strength Power Armor gives. The Bonuses are +10, +8, +6, and +4.  Any ideas and opinions are more then welcomed and will be considered within future updates. be sure to let me know under the Forms tab.


I was looking for a mod like this but didn't find one on the Nexus so I decided I would upload my own File. This Is technically my first mod I published and I'd like to get more into it. There shouldn't be and bugs with this mod but if there is just let me know.


Should be Compatible with anything as long as it doesn't change the "EnchPA_Abilities "Power Armor" [ENCH:0003E579]".


This mod has been up loaded to Bethesda.net for PC, XB1, and PS4.