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This small mod reintroduces the Kerrigan Bodysuit with an expanded array of customization options.

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News Update
I have been busy the last couple of weeks, so I haven't had the opportunity to update my mods as I would have liked.  Rest assured, I'm still working on this.  While I have been working on my other expansions, I have noticed that many times I'm duplicating work across mods.  That said, I have decided to create a single common file that will be required by all my mods in the future.  This will unfortunately break my existing mods, but it is for the best as it will assure upgradability from now on.  One other point of note, I had originally planned on making CBBE, AE, and VIS patches for my mods.  After looking things over, I have decided that doing so would be difficult to keep up with, so I am going to consolidate all these patches into my mods for simplicity's sake.  As with making the shared mod, this will make improving and updating my mods much easier to maintain.  My apologies for any inconvenience.  These changes will be implemented with my next update.

In our world, we have a tradition of collecting and cataloging the world's arms, armor, vehicles, aircraft, and naval vessels of war for the purpose of training and identification. For decades, Jane's has fulfilled this informational supply.

In keeping with this fine tradition, I introduce the recently rediscovered Jill's catalog, the Fallout universe's contemporary to Jane's starting with the ever popular Skinsuit Edition of the Armored Infantry of the Fusion Age, newly restored.

This second edition covers the Kerrigan Bodysuit.  We discover principles of their manufacture, and the modifications common to the Commonwealth.

I have always enjoyed the beauty of this suit, despite being female only.  However, there have always been a few deficiencies (as I see it) with the original mod.  Foremost amongst them is the fact that you could not get all color combinations between the three primary suits.  Secondly, each color combination had to exist in a single texture file.  This must have been a nightmare to create all possible combinations within the mod.  To be sure, this mod was no picknick either, but after separating the texture into three distinct layers, adding new combinations is a relatively simple matter, and it no longer requires multiple versions of the same image with modifications.  The penalty is that I have increased the number of triangles in the mesh by effectively tripling it (a copy for each layer).  I have a low mid-range system, and it runs fine.  So I'm not expecting too many problems for the majority of you performance-wise.

I'm a coder by trade. It is my desire to provide you good quality mods as fast as possible, but I also want other artists to get credit for their work in the most meaningful way. This means that you should first download their mod prior to installing mine. Initially, I will include existing assets from authors from whom I have obtained permission to use their mods. My goal is to create a scripted tool to extract any required assets from the archives of the authors in question and format them so that they are compatible with my mod. (However, in the case of this mod, it is not possible to use my future tool as too much editing was required to make this mod compatible with the original textures.)  The primary reason for this is that many of the mods in question are asset replacers, and are not able to showcase their beauty without hiding assets from the base game. This is a shame. So, this is where I and my (future) tool come into play. I look forward to bringing you as many of these wonderful assets as I am allowed and am able so that you can get the most from these assets in terms of compatibility and more importantly, variety.

Future Improvements:
JSE-Kerrigan has a lot of room for growth.

First off, there is always the possibility of adding new colors as needed.  I have experimented with several base color modifications, but I am concerned that pursuing them would needlessly add bloat to an already large number of options for a single armor type.  However, I am not unwilling to consider the prospect based on demand.

This is my second completed mod.  Learning curves are steep, and during the process, I have discovered the high probability of asset duplication between mods that can be unified by sharing a common master file.  There is a high probability that I will make the shift to this common master in the future.  Regrettably, this will likely break things, but I will endeavor to make the pain as minimal as possible.

One of the features I'm looking to improve is surrounding the Kerrigan Visor.  Presently it comes in two varieties, over the face, and up over the head.  My goal is to make this one object that animates from the raised position to the lowered position when weapons are drawn (and vice versa), much like is done with the assaultron helmet.  I believe this to be a necessary inclusion for the mod, but at present, doing so is beyond my present skill set.  Any assistance in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, I will be including a quest at some point in the future to find and gain access to crafting the Kerrigan Bodysuits. For now, simply enjoy crafting them without restraint. When I do add this quest, it should not impact any suits you have already made. Only your access to crafting them should be adjusted. This will hopefully turn out to be an immersive addition that makes sense in the Fallout universe.

if you have any requests, feel free to ask. I will do what I can to accommodate them within reason.

I want to thank the following mod authors for graciously allowing me to include their work in this mod.

guffeh: for letting me use the spectacular Kerrigan Bodysuit, and Flaicher and Vasstek who contributed to it.

These are some mods I have requested to use, but have not yet received a reply from the authors. They haven't even seen the requests yet due to inactivity. Such is life.
Kerrigan space colors by FGmodule

Version History:
0.5 - 29/04/2017
- Initial release

This mod does not affect any vanilla assets and should be fully compatible with any mod.

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