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Unofficial patch for Better Settlers and Horizon. Adjusts leveled lists and settler stats to fit Horizon. Also supports the Faces Only, Clean Faces, and Mortal Pack addons. If you're using the Community Resource pack I also have a Horizon Patch for Eli's Armour Compendium. See full description for the link.

Permissions and credits
Unofficial patch for Better Settlers and Horizon

This is considered a BETA until I am convinced there are no bugs or inconsistencies.  If you find any bugs or inconsistencies please report via the bug tracking tab.  I only offer support for the latest version of Better Settlers and Horizon.  If you're using an older version of either I offer no support.

If you're using the Faces Only version of Better Settlers, only use the Faces Only version of this patch!  It keeps all the Horizon stats and only forwards the face changes from Better Settlers.

For a normal Better Settlers install the patch addresses the following.

Leveled Lists:
  • Removes stim-packs from settler leveled lists
  • Adjusts weapons leveled lists to use Horizon's modified lists (no early game automatic weapons for you!)

  • Forwards face/chargen edits from Better Settlers
  • Keeps Horizon's settler level scaling to 50% of the player characters level
  • Keeps Horizon's bonus perks (Immune to radiation and resists scaled by local leader)

Clean Faces (Optional):
  • Does all of the above NPC changes AAAAAND...
  • Cleans faces... (duh)

Mortal Pack (Optional):
  • Removes the Protected flag from NPCS
  • New with 1.4.1: Adds a perk to settlers which slowly heals them over time (so they don't die on the third or fourth attack)
  • Changes level scaling from 50% to 100% of player level <- Removed in version 1.1

Install Instructions:
Use Nexus Mod Manager.

The FOMOD installer will prompt you for what version of Better Settlers you have installed.  The only options that needed patching were the Faces Only, Clean Faces, and Mortal pack.  If you choose the Faces Only version of Better Settlers select the Faces Only version of the patch.  As with Better Settlers, selecting Faces Only means the other patches will not be available. All other addons from Better Settlers are inter-changable as far as Horizon is concerned.

The other two optional patches for Clean Faces and Mortal Pack can be installed if you're using the normal (non Faces Only) version of Better Settlers.

If you're running the Community Pack 2.0 addon I also made an Unofficial Horizon Patch for Eli's Armour Compendium which is one of the dependencies of the community addon.

For the Mortal Pack or Mortal Soldier option:

Horizon scales settlers at half the level of the player by default where the Mortal Pack/Soldier addon of Better Settlers sets the level of all settlers to a static 25/40.  Since I didn't want settlers to die left and right I changed the level scaling to match the players level.  Let me know if you notice settlers dieing too frequently and I can tweak the stats a little. <- This is no longer the case in version 1.1.  If you're settlers are dieing, try arming them with better weapons or armor or using the light/heavy armor options from Better Settlers.  There is no mortal vs soldier patch as the only difference was the static level of the settlers and Horizon scales the settlers based on the player level.

Load Order:
... (other mods)
Eli_Armour_Compendium.esp (optional)
BetterSettlersFacesOnly.esp (optional)
BetterSettlersCleanFaceBack.esp (optional)
BetterSettlersMortalPack.esp (optional)
BetterSettlersCCAPack2.0.esp (optional)
BetterSettlersMortalSoldierPack.esp (optional)
... (other mods)
... (other Horizon patches)
EAC-Horzion-Patch.esp (optional)
BSFO-Horizon-Patch.esp (optional)
BSCF-Horizon-Patch.esp (optional)
BSMP-Horizon-Patch.esp (optional)

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