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This is for editing the data in the CEll record, not editing the precombined meshes. It can also be used to reduce mod size when you regenerate precombined meshes for your mod.

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See articles section (or Readme) for guides on how to use this script. It’s fairly user friendly, so it’s mainly a quick summary on how the game uses precombineds, and suggestions on when you should or shouldn’t use different features.

This is a modding tool, not a mod. If you aren’t making mods, it won’t help you. This is an amazing FO4Edit (i.e. xEdit) script made by zilav that helps with editing information in the Cell record regarding precombined meshes.

As is always the case when using automation scripts, you should BACKUP YOUR PLUGINS before using this (particularly if you want to use more than the “Clean Precombines” option).

To use:
  1)   Right click on the Cell record you want to edit
  2)   Apply script
  3)   Select FO4PrecombinedDataEditor -> OK

The functionality that most mod authors are going to beinterested is the “Clean Precombines” function. This generates a bat file that makes a list of which precombined meshes haven’t actually changed (as far as what they contain), and when you run it those extra precombined meshes will be deleted so you can pack on the ones you need with your mod.

This script can also let you edit the XCRI field,adding/removing references from meshes or deleting meshes (and the relevant references) from the record. Warning: this doesn’t actually change the .nif files, you need to either edit them yourself or make new ones with the CK. THIS FUNCTIONALITY SHOULD ONLY BE USED IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING

If you have any questions, or are confused on how to use something, please leave a comment and I'll try and help.

Manual Installation: 
1) Extract the script(s) into your Edit Scripts folder. It should be in the folder you installed FO4Edit in. If you don't have one, you didn't install FO4Edit correctly.