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For those who want a 1080p friendly HUD, while still retaining all the information that the Vanilla HUD gives us.

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Since I couldn't find a DEF_HUD Preset with Survival Mode Support, that also doesn't overlap with other HUD elements in Workshop mode, especially with Sim Settlements, I just made my own.

Changes from Vanilla:
+ Shrinked and repositioned most HUD Elements
+ Vanilla HP and AP bar size and position. Everything else is just more centered around it to make it easier on the eye
+ Rearranged Elements that were all over the place for no good reason. It's more weighted towards the bottom now
+ Minimized overlapping with additional HUD Elements
+ Survival Mode Support

Known Issues:
- No known issues in 1.4. Feel free to post issues or suggestions.
- (1.3 and below: Quest updates are bound to the experience bar, which means that they are not directly underneath the "Quest Completed" Message anymore. If you get annoyed by that, get the 1.4 version.)
- (1.2 and below: Survival Icons most likely have a glitched background, because of a bug in DEF_HUD. Fixed in 1.3 by increasing the compass size again.)

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