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Adds a new type of Feral ghouls that hunt at night. Flees and hides during the day. Optional Yao Guais. Settings holotape.

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This mod adds new type of Feral ghouls that travel at night and tries to hide during the day.

What this mod does:
- Adds new ghoul that travels at night.
- Optional Yao Guais(toggle from holotape).
- Does not edit ANYTHING in the base game.
- Does not require any DLC.
- Uses quest to "control" the number of ghouls and when they spawn, there won't be lots of them at the time. Quality over quantity.
- Optional extra spawns. This will double the amount of creatures from this mod.
- Will destroy you if you are low level and go travel at night(unless you are TOUGH). You can always stay in bed and wait for the morning.
- Random spawn points and travel destinations.
- The ghouls have couple new tricks.
- Adds new texture to these new ghouls(with my super editor skills(nothing too special)).
- They do not move when you sleep or wait in chair, so you are safe to sleep in Survival.

How to get started?
- Simply install mod with mod manager or extract the files to fallout 4 data folder, enable mod and play. The quest will handle everything automatically.
- When you sleep first time after installing this mod, settings holotape will be added to your inventory.

How do I uninstall this?
Version 0.20:
- Press Disable mod in settings holotape and wait for a while(you can close the holotape).

Old versions:
- In console type "help vnh 4", you will find 2 quests with different ids. Simply do this for BOTH of the quests:

setstage theQuest 999

After you done it, simply uninstall the mod and all done. No scripts are left running.

This is pretty simple mod but if you like dangerous nights, then give it a try ;)

Please, post any bugs you find.

1. Why is this called Night of the Creeps?
A: I have no idea. It sounded good, lol.

2. I cant find any Ghouls?
A: They are moving all the time. They can be anywhere in Commonwealth(well not inside cities etc). Sometimes you find 0, sometimes 1, sometimes multiple. Right now, there aren't many at same time. I kinda wanted to keep them rare but tough challenge. This might change in the future, maybe optional file or settings holotape.

3. Are they bullet sponges?
A: No, aim for the head. Shooting them to other parts does not do much damage. They level with player so they will have lot more health in higher levels, but if you don't want that, you should install mod that disables leveling health bonus.