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Change Mosin Nagant to feed 7.62x54R ammo

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So I was super excited to see a great looking mod introducing a Mosin Nagant into the game, it really is a great looking rifle and a fantastic mod. My only complaint was that it was feeding vanilla 308 ammo so I figured it was time to fix that.

This is a patch to change the Mosin Nagant ammo to the proper 7.62x54 Rimmed cartridge, as well as changing the NPC ammo list.

Requires, of course, New Calibers and the Mosin Nagant mod.

Really nothing else to say here, enjoy!

Oh, by request I made an alternate version that switches the Mosin to using the Nuka World 7.62 ammo, in case you want to vary it up a bit without needing the New Calibers mod.