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Finally a secret lair you could be proud of! This mod overhauls the Mechanist's Lair by fixing up, cleaning, and restoring the ENTIRE facility into its former glory on top of expanding the Build Area to cover the entire facility. Fully tested & Nav-Meshed.

THIS is the way the Mechanist's Lair was meant to be!

Permissions and credits

Thank you to Oxhorn for your review of this mod!

Thank you to everyone for downloading and endorsing my mod that it managed to become one of the Hot Files! Your support means a lot to me!

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== Requirements ==
Automatron DLC, that's it! This is the only DLC you'll need. No other mods required ether.

== Short Description ==
This mod fixes up the entire Mechanist's Lair, it also expands the build area to encompass the entire cell. The collapsed hallways are also cleared out and all the new spaces available is fully nav-meshed, and Settler Sandbox has been expanded. Now finally, instead of just that one room you get, the entire facility is yours. As a bonus, I've added an alternative way to obtain Protectron's Gaze without needing to kill the Mechanist or pickpocket them!

== Detailed Description ==
"The Mechanist has an army of robots at their disposal, so why didn't the genius of robotics ever use their army of robots to fix up their awesome secret base? This mod fixes up and restores the ENTIRE Mechanist's Lair facility, fixing up the collapsed hallways, doors, walls, catwalks, rooms and cleans up all the rubbish. Fully tested and Nav-Meshed."

So, after beating the Mechanist and their army of robots, I was highly disappointed with the sorry excuse of a facility I got. The Mechanist's quarters especially was a decrepit mess with garbage and rubble everywhere, a hallway was even collapsed!  The worst part? The Isabel was sleeping under a ceiling that looks like it's gonna collapse on top of her any moment! Well, after finding no mods that would allow me to clean up the mess, I booted up the Creation Kit to fix this problem myself, after fixing up the Mechanist's Quarters, I began fixing up another room. Eventually I decided to just fix up the entire cell, and I found it justifiable in doing so, seeing as the Mechanist has(or had) all those robots at their disposal, so why haven't they cleaned up the base a little and made it nice and livable? Why does my top floor bedroom have to be situated right next to a literal garbage dump with a highly radioactive leaking reactor? 

The facility is really nice now that it's fixed up and expanded, and now I use it as my main base of operations where I keep everything. The Holding Cells for example was not only perfect if you've ever felt like you needed a jail, but the ample cells and glass ceiling especially made it the perfect spot for a Power Armor collection display. The super huge warehouse this mod opens up is perfect for building big and intricate machines brought in by the Contraptions DLC, a Zoo, or even a Vault!

The Entire Cell: I fixed up and replaced the broken walls, ceiling, and floor panels, removed all the skeletons and ghoul corpses, cleaned up all the garbage piles and rubble, and cleared out most of the grime decals, added & replaced lightings here and there. This mod won't make the facility look sparkling and pre-war, but it will make it much cleaner and more functional in a lore-friendly manner. I also added doors to the bulkheads opened up by Ada, the doors snapped in perfectly looked very nice, they felt like they should've been in the game in the first place. 

Mechanist's Quarters: On top of the things mentioned, I cleared out collapsed hallway and added a bathroom. It's interesting to note that, there wasn't a single bathroom in the entire cell(if you don't count the holding cells), so this mod adds one! Now Isabel & potential settlers could conceivably take care of one of the most essential human needs and not stink all the time! I also added a chemistry station to the work station area, the chemistry station is linked to the main Settlement Workshop. Isabel's room is also cleaned up and decorated to fit her personality, I've added a Expert-Locked Safe next to her bed that contains a spare copy of the Mechanist's Loot + Protectron's Gaze so you will no longer have to kill her or pickpocket her just to get your hands on this unique laser pistol. I've also added animated doors to all the rooms, hooray for privacy!!

The Main Room: I've fixed up the broken catwalks to what they probably would have been. Up until now you wouldn't be able to fix up the catwalk without scrapping the entire thing and rebuilding with the parts you have, since none of it was snapping. Well now it's just fixed! No hassle. The added catwalk pieces are also fully scrappable.

I've also added a room to the west of the main room with elevator access to the floor above, if you don't want to scale the catwalks to get to a very nice spot for a potential bedroom that overlooks the facility. In my mind the added room fits in seamlessly. In order to open up the door you'll need the Master Password given to you after defeating The Mechanisg, this way you won't have to worry about messing up the flow of the quest line with a shortcut.

The Warehouse: I cleared up the ENTIRE chamber! I felt there were enormous build potential if I cleared it out, and you know what? I was right! The area is freed up is also fully nav-meshed, the collapsed stairs(along with the invisible walls) was also fixed, the highly irradiated area next to the nuclear reactors was "fixed" (I just removed the radiation hazard). The warehouse windows is replaced with fixed versions, and the collapsed track system was also fixed. Oh the best part? All the freed up areas are fully nav-meshed!

The Robobrain Department, Clinic & Holding Cell: Fixed and restored as you'd expect, the broken cell doors also got replaced and linked up with the switch opening/closing all the cell doors. Also some of the glass ceiling was missing so I fixed that. Perfect place for say, a power armor collection, or a place to store all the Automatrons you've built. If you use the Scrap Everything Compatible version, you'll also be able to scrap everything within the cells to better turn this area into a proper display area!

The Factory/Quality Test Department: Cleaned & fixed as you'd expect, added lots of ceiling lighting here to make this area seem nicer and more professional overall. there were a TON of floors, walls and ceiling parts that needed to be replaced here, like you wouldn't even believe. I've moved one of the carts out from the middle so you'll be able to get around this area more easily.

RobCo Sales and Service Center: Restored like the rest, broken ceiling got completely replaced, you now get the light source from the windows, which are no longer boarded up. There's now a static Protectron statue up for display on the side.

Lair Exit: Fixed up, the crumbling wall is now restored, added a working security gate and terminal. Added two friendly tesla turrets to the exit for that extra bit of security.

Exterior: Cleaned up the garbage from for both entrance/exits and made it look slightly nicer. It doesn't look out of place compared to the rest of the area. I also fixed up the front chainlink gate to the lair's exit.

== Load Order ==
Place this mod BELOW any mods that affects or might possibly affect the Mechanist's Lair

Update 1.03 features:
-Further improvements in lighting, fixed some broken lights, added more lights where it made sense
-Added a missing steel beam in the Warehouse, apparently it wasn't there before because it was covered in rubble, now it's fixed
-Properly fixed the tesla turrets, they won't be hostile to anything the Workshop turret aren't hostile to.
-Someone messaged me on how Protectron's Gaze wasn't spawning in the safe, so I added an alternative way of obtaining that Legendary weapon. If the weapon isn't in the safe for you, you'll find it in the weapons workbench in the room at the back where all the workbenches are.
-Added beer and cigar to the conference desk in the Mechanist's Bedroom to clutter up the empty desk a little, but also as a little homage to Oxhorn(If you watched his video on his build on the Mechanist's lair you'll understand why).
-Various miscellaneous polish.

Update 1.02 features:
-Expanded Settler Sandbox: Now you could assign your settlers anywhere in the lair! Want to have them sleep in the holding cells? You can! Want to assign merchants to Robco Sales Center? Go at it! Want to have a couple of Minutemen guard the exits? Of course! 
-A Map marker right outside of the Mechanist's Lair's entrance/exit called The Mechanist's Courtyard that you can fast travel to, no more long elevator rides just to get some fresh air!
-Various lighting improvements, making certain rooms look less dark and dreary.
-Kitchen clutter for the Mechanist's Quarters.
-Fixed an issue with the friendly tesla turrets being hostile with settler NPCs
-Added a wall-mounted terminal to control the security gate to the elevator room
-Fixed the security gate control for the lair exit, now the door can be properly opened and locked through the use of the terminal
-Added a wall mounted terminal to the lair exit to control the security gate. 
-Miscellaneous minor touch ups.

How to properly install the Scrap Everything Version:
1. Install Scrap Everything Automatron/Scrap Everything Ultimate Edition (If you haven't already)
2. Go to Steam > Steamapps > Common > Fallout 4 > Data > Meshes > Precombined > DLCRobot and delete the DLCRobot file
3. Install Mechanist Lair Overhaul Scrap Everything Compatible(SEC)

How to install updated version of the mod if you were using an older version:
-Make sure that the previous version of the mod has been completely uninstalled
-Check if the meshes added into your Data folder from the previous mod(Under Fallout 4 > Data > Meshes > PreCombined > DLCRobot.esm) has been deleted
-Install the newer version of the mod through ether NMM or install manually.

== Information on Review "Permissions" ==
I hate that this has to even be stated, but after hearing about how a certain YouTuber got in trouble for simply featuring a mod in his video? I have to say it...:
If you want to review my mod or showcase this mod in any of your videos, I welcome it! Nothing would make me happier. If you send me a link I might even link your video top on my mod page. I've put in a lot of work into my mods, so the more people get to see it? The better. So don't ever feel reluctant to review ANY of my mods.

== Recommended Mods ==
Home Plate - Mechanist Lair - Full Workbench - *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* Unlocks the full capability of the workshop in the Mechanist's Lair, I've thought about unlocking this workshop for this mod myself, however this mod already does this job flawlessly and more. Definitely download this mod if you want to build recruitment beacons and other good stuff for this settlement. 
Scrap Everything - I've made a compatibility patch for this mod!
Replace Pack Brahmins with Eyebots - Wonderful mod, way more fitting especially if you use the Mechanist's Lair as the as the Provisioners HQ like me. Would definitely recommend!