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A face with… NO makeup

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Natural with Personality

Hey Nexus users, this is Thief06 presenting you a fallout preset with a REVOLUTIONARY concept… a face with *gasp*
NO makeup

Okay seriously, this is simply a preset I made for my own character. I tried to remove every ounce of makeup available because I felt it looked better (and rose my immersion by about 22.46%). I also added scars and white splotches to give her some hints of a backstory.
Pretty and badass, give her a try if you like!


I have a small bug that applies lipstick to my character’s lips whenever I load a preset (I know, how ironic). If you also experience this unintended issue and wish to resolve it, simply go to ‘’Extra’’ then ‘’Makeup’’ and finally remove the ‘’Lipstick’’ option in the Looks menu.

Credit to cedaie’s Gorgeous Vault-Girl as this face is a modification of his awesome preset.

How to install
Simply put the file in Fallout4/Data/F4SE/Plugins/F4EE/Presets

Required Mods
F4SE (for Looks Menu)         
Looks Menu                          
Looks Menu Compendium      
Valkyr Female Face Texture   
The Eyes of Beauty              
Eye Normal Map Fix Contrast
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar