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Jump Higher No Fall Damage

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I deeply apologize for not being able to update my mods. I have been quite sick to a point where it is very hard to use the computer.

Thank you for all who supported my work and I hope to return to participate more ASAP.

You can choose different highs.

Choose one only from the downloads area or download all and test it.

Remember to change the name in plugins.txt accordingly to the name of the file you are going to use.

Default vanilla is 600. The first on downloads is 4000, not realistic but fun.

Missing on the image below but in downloads, 750 as a request.


Jump Higher No Fall Damage

I have always been annoyed with falling damage and how high you can jump in games. Fallout series, Skyrim, The Witcher, you name it.
A character that can kills Supermutants, he's the savior of the Wasteland and so on and dies from a ridiculous small fall. No more.


Enjoy jumping on top of your enemies when wearing Power armor and see them staggering.
Jump on roofs, jump over fences, you name it.


A well trained soldier, a good athlete can jump quit high. 

OFC you can say that you need special stats and so on, that I might improve once modding tools become available.


This is my first .esp for Fallout 4.

-To install it, extract the .7zip in your Fallout 4 Data Folder

-Open - C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\Fallout4\

-You will find the plugins.txt that Fallout4 uses. 

-Add the Jump High.esp after Fallout4.esm as in the image below

-After you need to make  plugins.txt Read Only - right click on it, choose properties and tick Read Only, > Apply and OK.


For more info on how to mod/install/tweaks check my Tutorial - Fallout 4 Modding

It changes the correspondent Game Settings that give you fall damage and limit you from jumping high.


I hope you don't kill any of your friends in-game...

Please report any problems.

Featured on Crazy Mods Video

By Tyrannicon


This file is provided as is and the author holds no responsiblity for anything that may come to happen from using this file.

Use this file as you wish in any mod with some credit, just drop me a pm about it.

I also want to thank everyone for the awesome support!

Feel free to add images.

If you like the mod please endorse or vote it so other people can find it that will encourage me to  make more.

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