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What could possibly go wrong?

Ever been tired of the chem stations being few and far between? Don't wanna spend a fortune of caps on the clinics? Well, this is your lucky day! With this little rudimentary chemistry station you now can craft a few makeshift aid utilities in the middle of nowhere, provided you have the ingredients in your inventory. Now, being makeshift chems means that you have to make some ... okay a few ... ugh okay, A LOT OF compromises regarding things like purity, proper filtering, proper testing of the results ... in other words, the stuff you can mix with this little care package will come at a price, and you'll need to decide on whether the chems are worth it or not.


1. Install Eisenwolf's Legacy (see the link above) and do the small introduction quest if you haven't already. Once it's done simply create a new savegame and log out.
2. Install this mod using NMM and continue from the savegame you just created.

Getting started

In order to create the chems in the field (you can still craft them at any chemistry station btw), you will need to build something at the Eisenwolf workbench first: the micro chem station. Cobbled together from common chemistry equipment and stuffed into an old first aid kit, this poor man's chem lab has everything you need to create a total of seven aid items. You can find the parts needed for the micro chem station (most notably beakers and test tubes) in schools, hospitals, laboratories, or northern of Fort Hagen in the destroyed military buildings. Just make sure you don't scrap them by accident because you need to build something else.

The recipes

Not a chem you can use, but pure alcohol is required as an ingredient. You can craft alcohol on any chemistry station using either Vodka or Bobrov's best Moonshine. One bottle of each provides three alcohol.

Antiseptic paste
Slowly removes a small amount of radiation poisoning over time. Additionally it cures infections and removes parasites on survival difficulty. However, the "strange" odor of it (in other words: it stinks like hell!) causes a negative -1 debuff on perception for 30 seconds.

Compression bandage
Slowly restores health over time (30 seconds) and restores limbs, but impedes your movement and causes a -1 debuff to agility for 30 seconds as well.

Protein extractor
If you need HP yesterday and you got some insect meat in your backpack, this one might be something for you. This contraption resolved some of the proteins in the meat and creates a chemical cocktail, which you then inject into your blood to restore 30 HP. Just don't think of the battery acid you inject in the process as well, and you'll be fine - most likely.

Water purifier bag
Got dirty water? Want purified one? Just dump this little bag into the water and take a refreshing sip. The bag is made of pre-war money, asbestos fibers and lead ...

Kill'em all! Improves your damage resistance, you deal more damage, you might deal critical damage outside of VATS, and time slows down a bit while this chem is active. Addiction risk? Nah, it's totally safe. Erm, apart from the 2 RADs per second chopping off your health bar for the entire duration of the effect, of course.

If you are under heavy fire and need some extra protection, try this one. Reduces incoming damage and provides RAD resistance, but it'll make you hit like a little girl while the effect is active.

If you haven't had night vision and the ability to detect living targets at the same time, you haven't lived! :D
Problem is, this stuff will provide you quite a glass chin, reducing your damage resistance be 50 percent. Better weasel away while you can, hopefully the darkness will protect you.

Need some action points yesterday? Well, then take a shot of this stuff, it immediately gives you 25 AP out of the box. No, the glowing is totally harmless, and your Geiger counter probably needs a little touch-up.

Can't get more caffeine than with this little gumdrop. Two bottles of Nuka-Cola boiled down for increased aP regeneration for 1 minute. It even improves your max AP for a minute - erm, at least it does something with it.

Iron Bark
You are a melee lover but you have being staggered 110 % of the time you're just trying to smash someone else's head in? Fear no more, this proteine cocktail extracted from some of the toughest creatures in the Commonwealth will make you a tower of strength! You will love it - probably way too much ...

Power Mint
Yo! Be the coolest cat in town when you talk to someone for a good deal or a few more XP. Time to chew bubblegum and farm some goods - and we got plenty of gum. :)

Stealth is cool, but sometimes you're just missing a bit more oomph to get the job done with your favorite knife or silenced weapon and you regret that you forgot your heavy hitter under your pillow at home. Good thing you now can take this little equalizer and silently ruin someone's day.

- Fixed an issue which caused the Sneekah chem to replace the Sneak perk.

- cleaned up a bit, but the perk bug still persisted (removed from the nexus for this reason).


- Proteine extractors now provide 40 HP (was 30 HP)
- Added new chems: Iron Bark, Power Mint and Sneekah

- Fixed an issue that caused the player to craft unusable alcohol. This component now properly shows up in the junk section and can be used for crafting.
- Added two new recipes, RAD-Shot and Nuka-Bomblings.

Initial version

The mod author hereby explains that he takes no responsibilities for any damage caused to any player character by this mod. This includes, but is not limited to, unexpected side-effects like missing hair, blurred sight, loss of teeth, sudden growth of redundant limbs or sudden appetite for human flesh. Any of the aforementioned symptoms can not be directly linked to any products created by this mod and are most likely caused by other sources.