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Wild west at Starlight, with Saloon, Gunsmith, Undertaker, and more

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After a West World binge, I started looking for a suitable settlement in Commonwealth to build an old western town.  Starlight offers the best location with its long unobstructed open space, so I set to work, and here is the result.  This version of Starlight has a saloon, a gunsmith, an undertaker, a bank, a farmhouse, a clinic, and a church.  

The crafting stations you see around town, such as the weapon station in gun shop, are for NPCs, not player.  In the tool shed where the workstation is located, you will find miniturized weapon, armor, and chem stations for player.  A working cooking station is located in the cinema cafe, as well as a working terminal in the projector room.  In total, you should find about 18 assignable stations (or 19?  can't remember).

I hate it too, because I have an OCD when it comes to clutters and deco.  However, my 6 years old PC just can't handle it, and I had to stop when it started to screech in pain.  I am leaving these rooms to your loving and creative hands.

I know the cinema cafe is an eye sore, but I kept it because of its nice structure, as well as the elevated wing hosting turrets overlooking one of the spawn points.  You are more than welcome to scrap and replace it with something like a town hall.

NOTE 1:  I used quite a number of mods.  If you want JUST THE STRUCTURES, see the "Required Mods" section below.  If you want all the decor, structures, and clutters, go ahead and include the "Optional Mods"

NOTE 2:  So now, bad news...  I won't be taking change requests, not because I don't want to, but because I am not a modder and likely won't be able to do anything even if I want to.  I am only able to share this because of Cdante's epic Transfer Settlement Blueprint mod (which you need to download in order for this to work.  Settlement import instruction can be found on Transfer Settlement Blueprint mod page), and everything you see in the pictures are part of existing work by hardworking modders found on the Nexus.  This also means that I have no idea how to port it to console.  The good news is, nothing is customized and you can have everything in the pictures through already available mods

I can, however, try to answer questions regarding which mod is associated with an item you see in the picture.  I won't remember all of them, since I have over 200 mods installed, but I will do my best.

With that said, below are lists of required and optional mods


1.  Port Royal
2.  Craftable Balcony Supports
3.  G2M - Workshop
4.  Generator - Fusebox-Powerbox with 3-5-10 and 100 energy
5.  Gruffydd's Signs and Posters
6.  Homemaker - Expanded Settlements
7.  Settlement Objects Expansion Pack
8.  Snap'n Build - Roofs
9.  Snap'n Build - Windows
10. Snappy HouseKit
11. Wall Oil Lamps
12. Starlight Drive-In Overhaul (If you don't download this, building will float in the air.  This mod flattens the land and moved the pond).
13. Counter Bar Anywhere (Shop rugs.  Without this mod, there will be no shops)
14. Settlement Supplies Extended (SSEX)
15. Better Stores
16. !!!Transfer Settlement Blueprint
17. !!!HUDFramework

1.  Snap Beds
2.  Auto Doors
3.  Creative Clutters
4.  Femsheppings Minimalist Homewares
5.  FunctionalDisplays
6.  dino's decoration
7.  Eli_Crafting Shiz9000
8.  Armor Keywords (for AWK workstation)
9.  Living Interior
10. Minutemen overhaul (Flags with + Happiness)
11. CWSSRedux  (all Bathroom stuff.  Allow showers and toilets to be interactive, like washing away rad damages)
12. Weapon Displays
13. Northland Diggers (NPC stations like the Undertaker)
14. Butcher Meat Rack (All those meats you see around the butcher shop)
15. Busy Settlers (Rugs such as the one for priests to preach, or the chem station in the clinic that NPC can be assigned)
16. Do it Yourself
17. PWR - Passive Water Resources (for the water tower)
18. House Keeping (All the assignable customized scavenging stations)
19. OCDecorator (some individual clutters, like the single bottle and shot glass in Sheriff's office)
20. Armory Rifle and Handgun Rack (two gun racks in Gunsmith.  Honestly you can replace it with functional display or some other mods)
21. Buildable Burning Camp Fire (the single fireplace in the farm house)
22. Advance Bubble Turrets (Bubble turrets.  You can replace them with vanilla turrets, hence optional)
23. Modular Kitchen (the usable kitchen in the cafe.  you don't need to download this specifically and replace with some existing mods or vanilla assets)
24. SWG - Snappable Windmill Generator (eh...  that tall Windmill you see in the picture)

I made a mistake where the file path was not included during archive, hence when unpacked by NMM, it wouldn't go into the right folder.  I uploaded the correct file, let me know if there is any more problem.  The slot file is "2".  Thanks