Fallout 4
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Blueprint of a Crappy Settlement Build of Egret Tours Marina.

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Issue #2 In this Crappy Series of Blueprints! 

This is a crappy blueprint of Warwick Homestead. Includes 520 Items.

This blueprint is more of a shell maybe try building some more structures near the big concrete walls, no beds/shops/or other decoration mods were used! However I suggest looking in the Required Mods to know exactly what you may or may not need!

The Images are how I decided to furnish and and place down shops, HOWEVER there will be none of that in the file included as you can decorate and arrange as you like! BUT PLEASE look at the instructions I include!


All DLC's
Transfer Settlements (Of course mungo)
Scrap Everything (Stuff may clip if you don't remove some of the objects in the base settlement)
Craftable Turret Stands - If you decide NOT to download this mod, the pre built turrets in this settlement will be floating in mid-air / PS The mod is pretty damn useful so you may want it anyway lol 


Before Importing -
I would suggest deleting the big doors to the warehouse, and the fence that surrounds a little of the base settlement.
Look in the Images for scrapping a corner wall of the Shack towards the back of the settlement. SEE IMAGE 7!


Next,this IS PRETTY IMPORTANT! For the moment...
In the Holotape included with Transfer Settlements
Turn OFF the "Animations during import". If you leave this on you will be missing random things.
Turn OFF the "Explosions during the nuking of a settlement" Reports suggest that the Explosions may leave marks

AGAIN this is not an amazing settlement not everything is perfect, so don't download if you are expecting a AMAZING OVER THE TOP settlement.

Honestly I decided to upload this because CDante's simply sensational work deserves so much more recognition than it has gotten so far.