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Makes the Prydwen a proper player home for your BOS play-through.

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The vanilla Prydwen is so close to being a great pseudo-settlement/player-home: it has every kind of workstation, some scrap, safe storage, a bed, vendors, a doctor, and doesn't get raided.  However, the workstations are not linked which doesn't allow them to share junk resources, there's no replenish-able source of scrap, food, or purified water. 

This mod makes the Prydwen a highly functional player home for anyone doing a BOS playthrough from Knight to Sentinel.

If you try this mod out and later decide to uninstall it, make sure you pull everything out of the Prydwen Quarters workbench beforehand.  Otherwise, everything will be spread out across all of the benches and/or you may lose stuff.

READ STICKY IN COMMENTS BEFORE updating to version 2.1

Functional Mess Hall
  • Adds a purified water fountain in the hall leading to the Mess Hall.
  • Adds two coolers to the counter containing some food and water that will eventually respawn after emptied  
  • Adds an Eat-o-tronic that will feed the player a Cram when activated
  • Replaces the two coffee makers with functional ones that feed the player a caffeinating coffee beverage

Prydwen Quarters Workbench
  • Allows the player to scrap just about everything inside the Prydwen Quarters area and redecorate using the same workshop set as Home Plate
  • This mod also makes the Boston Airport a regular settlement with full access to settlement resources and assets

Linked Main Deck Workstations
  • Allows each workstation to share stored resources and gives the player access to said resources when building inside the Prydwen Quarters space.

Additional Features
  • Adds respawning scrap bins in the Repair Bay as a renewable source of junk
  • Adds a button to the panel on the Prydwen's Flight Deck control tower to call a vertibird to land at the airport (save those grenades!)
  • Adds four additional power armor stations located in the bottom cargo stowage area
  • Completing the Feeding the Troops quest for Proctor Teagan will spawn two crates full of supplies for a short time
  • Proctor Teagan now sells a wide assortment of component shipments
  • All the grody, stained beds have been replaced with the clean military-style bunks found in vaults

Future Development
  • I set out to make the Prydwen a functional player home and I believe that vision has been realized.  There are great Prydwen overhaul mods out there for people who want more.  Aside from epiphanies and bugfixes, I feel that this mod is complete.
  • I'd love to figure out how to actually call a vertibird to land on the flight deck and taxi the player away, but that's a lot of work.  As of now, there's a mod on that does this (Link).  It's pretty cool, but I personally ran into some bugs and ended up uninstalling it.  It didn't seem to interfere with PPH if you want to try and see if it works for you.

  • I have no interest in giving other places similar treatment; there are lots of good mods out there that already do
  • I have no interest in adding settler functions to this mod.  The Prydwen is for Brotherhood members, not dirty settlers.
  • I have no plans to upload this to and will not give anyone permission to do so.

This mod is incompatible with my old, now defunct, mod Prydwen Food and Water and will likely interfere with any mods that alter the following:
  • The Prydwen Main Deck or Prydwen Quarters and maybe the Flight Deck
  • The quest Feeding the Troops
  • Mods that drastically alter the Boston Airport
  • Mods that affect/alter/require the unique, limited Boston Airport workbench from vanilla FO4 (such as mods that make it a true settlement)

Big thanks to The White Collar Players for featuring PPH in their very cool Immersive Mod Series.  Check it out!

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