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Changes the FOV (or cone of vision) of every NPC to your liking

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Are you tired of Being seen by an NPC that you're behind?
Are you tired of being detected when NOBODY IS LOOKING DIRECTLY AT YOU??

This mod changes the FOV (or cone of vision) of every NPC to your liking (mostly)
The Default FOV that every NPC uses is 190! really? I can't be the only person who thinks that's absolutely absurd.

Currently Available in 180/160/140/120/100/90/80

Q: WOW, there's so many options! (no, there isn't) Which one should I choose?
A: That depends on what you want out of your game, Here's my advice..

the average FOV for a real person is about 180, if you hold out your arms to your side in a "T" pose and focus on something in front of you, you probably won't be able to see them, that's because they're in your extreme peripheral vision.
if you're looking for a realistic cone of vision I would suggest either 160 or 180
NPCs are supposed to be people just like you, right? so how come they can see 190 degrees around them while by default you can only see 80?
(well.... I mean, probably for various balance reasons)
anyway if you want everyone else to be just like you than I'd suggest choosing the closest option to your FOV
(Default player FOV is 80 but I've included an option for 90 since that's what most PC players are comfortable with)
I would personally suggest 140 as your new NPC FOV, it doesn't break the game, stealing and sneaking doesn't become far too easy and in terms of real gameplay, and also how the game was balanced it really starts feeling like 140 was what the game was meant to use. does 140 make the game "easier" or more forgiving, objectively yes, but it's nice to not be seen from the person whom you're behind but to still know that you'll be detected by walking in front of their face