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Our lovely irish rowdy wanted a little more style
Replacer or/and Standalone - CBBE
Optional Vanilla/EVB Replacer

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Just another Cait Outfit

Attention: This mod is no longer being supported or updated by friffy.

Mod is now a modder's resource. You may edit the data from this mod for your own personal use and for release.
All I ask is that this mod is credited and linked.

Happy modding!

After Piper got her new outfit Cait was a little disgruntled. She wanted something with more style, too, and it was almost unbearable to hear the ranting and raving all the time. So here it is, the new Cait outfit - at least how I imagine what my Cait would like to wear. Well... again it is less skimpy (yeah I know, some call it "more aesthetic for females" or "sexy" - I call it "red-light district dress up") than usual but I like it that way. And Cait wasn't unhappy at all while we did the photo shooting so I guess she likes it, too (and perhaps because of all the bags her new outfit has - enough space to store all the chems).

The standard replacer outfit comes with the corset and the vest - see picture above. Optional outfits are available via Body Slide, one outfit without the vest and a third option with a shirt instead of the corset. You will find a screenshot of how they all look like in the image section.

If you don't want to give Cait a new look but like the outfits nonetheless you can grab the standalone version. All three outfits are craftable at the chem station. Both outfits with the corset comes with the gloves, the shirt version has no gloves.

The outfits are mashups of vanilla stuff, boots and shirt fom Commonwealth Shorts Vanilla-CBBE-JB and the belt from the Pampas Set.

CBBE necessary fot the main files. BodySlide data included. Clipping may occur, especially when you use extreme slider settings like "silly huge fantasy melons". Please do not complain about it, it is intented. But feel free to use all the nice and usefull tools in Outfit Studio to make your special dreams come true.

Optional Vanilla/EVB replacer. I consider it a beta because of the limited testing, normally I use CBBE and don't want to uninstall all my mods.
This version is the corset + vest outfit (as in the picture above) and comes as replacer for the regular Vanilla outfit. Included is a folder with the corset-only outfit. If you like this better, just grab the nif and drop it into the Cait folder, overwrite the existing nif when prompted.

Attention: I use the regular vanilla textures for Caits gloves - so if you get another color than seen in my screenshots it's because you use a texture replacer for Caits outfit.

If enough people ask for it I might do a vanilla version.

nsk13 for the Commonwealth Shorts Vanilla-CBBE-JB
ralfetas for the Pampas Set
Ousnius for the BodySlide and Outfit Studio

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